Anyone with a Clemence Kelly?

  1. Well, it's official. After a visit to H yesterday where they actually had some bags for me to try on, I have decided that I'm officially a Kelly Girl!! :yes: :yes: :love: :love:
    Now, everyone knows that my Birkin is and will always be my crown jewel, but on the whole, something magical happened to me when I picked up a 32cm retourne Kelly (this one was Togo but not a color I was in the market for now.) But...the look of it...the size....the ease of the shoulder just oozed chic all over the floor in front of me. THIS is my bag. THIS is what Hermes is, for me. It's all about the Kelly now (and, well, cough cough, the Bolide too, but that's another purchase, another day. hehe)

    ANYWAY, since I already have two Togo bags and I am in serious lust over the Hermes gold color:love: , I was wondering how those of you who have had Clemence Kellys like them after a few years of use. I do like a little slouch and love the feel of Clemence, but do you feel like clemence in a Kelly makes the bag too slouchy? Thoughts???
    I'd love to see some photos of Clemence Kellys that have been "around the block" a little bit.
    Thanks so much in advance.

    Greentea (official Kelly Girl who, sadly, does not own one yet but hopefully will soon):drool: :drool: :drool:
  2. I can't help you GT but want to say I'm glad you have found the next style to make your heart sing! My chevre kelly is very slouchy and I love the casual side of this - vs. my ostrich in rigid - it's a big difference -- good luck!
  3. ^ oh yes, chevre will always be my holy grail Kelly and I WILL have one someday. I'm thinking black or marron fonce. But they are harder to find and, in the meantime, there's just something about gold/noisette/cognac that I love right now. Do I want Clemence? hmmmmmm
  4. we're in the same boat GT
  5. I have two, one in gris toutourelle and another in etrusque. Both retourne. Etrusque is reaching her 8th birthday and is beautiful and much adored. Gris is a bit younger I think she was born 4 years ago, but also much loved. Slouchy and chic both. Here is a shot of la gris. I hope you fall as much in love with clemence as I have.
  6. Yeah, baby! :yes: :jammin: :wlae: :wlae:
  7. Holy Kelly! That's IT! Gorgeous. And after four years, she's looking just perfect. Thank you!!
    :love: :love:
  8. WOW, BB! That is so lovely! :yahoo: What a rare colour this is. Very very neutral and easy to match!
  9. Greentea, I am partial to the Kellys in Clemence and I love Togo Kellys too. Maybe, appreciation for both is a better way of saying it, as my Togo 32 is soft, pliable yet holds her shape nicely.

    I have 3 Clemence Kellys. All are very soft....just the nicest feel to the hand. One is a very small grain, the other two are larger grain Clemence.

    Attached is a pic of my Thalassa Clemence Kelly 32 which does have a slouch to it. I like this aspect of the softer leathers. That said, I also like my sellier black box Mini Kelly.

    Bottom line is, I like the Kelly style and find it very easy to use....and very pretty made with Clemence (as well as other leathers.)
  10. Baba, your Kelly is very the color.
  11. isus, that Thalassa is a rare jewel!
    Your mini is adorable.
    Thanks for the pics!!
  12. I just want to *see* a Clemence Kelly IRL sometime. :hysteric: (curses SF's craptacular inventory)

    GT, a gold Clemence Kelly would be tdf!!! :love:
  13. it does sounds :drool::drool::drool::drool:yummy!!!

    chevre or clemence..chevre or clemence..what if both are infront of you? chocolate chevre and gold clemence? :nuts:
  14. I have a Clemence Kelly but she is still a baby. She hasn't been around the block so to speak, but I have to tell you I just love the look and feel of Clemence. I think it's a great choice for Kelly!
  15. Greentea, mine is like Isus except is blue jean, I am a firm, box calf lover, but the clemence in blue jean I could not resist, color is more casual, so I felt that the clemence leather would be a nice more casual look.
    I would highly recomend that leather for a "every-day" kelly. It is also very durable!