Anyone with a cambon reporter have this problem before?

  1. The strap on my cambon reporter (large size) snapped!!! (the bottom part where it looks like it's tied into a knot) I'm going to take it to the boutique this weekend but I'm so upset! Has anyone ever had this problem before???
  2. This has never happened on any of my Cambons. I'm sure thry will fix it for you, but how awful that it even happened.
  3. ...I just bought one ....
  4. Thanks LambLovesChanel... I'm sure they will too, but I'm just so mad!!! But bingdan, no worries... I still LOVE it!!! I hope you do too!
  5. How much do you put inside? I saw a woman who had her Reporter filled to the brim with a broken strap hanging off. I don't overfill mine and it's been fine. Of course for the prices we pay they shouldn't break at all...

    I'd be mad too as I had a handle from another Chanel bag break but was able to exchange it for another (Cloudy Bundle tote) versus sent it out for repair.
  6. I do tend to carry a lot of stuff with me (esp. with bigger bags... I think I have a tendency to want to fill it up for some reason :sweatdrop:), but not to the point where it's ridiculously heavy (since I'M the one who has to carry it on my shoulders :smile:)... but maybe that's the reason. However like you said roey, for the prices we pay they really shouldn't break at all! I just hope they can repair it easily!!!
  7. Sorry to hear that...I feel your pain and frustration!
    :sad: I've only had one problem with a Chanel bag over the past 12 or so years and it was a minor repair. Saks sent it back to Chanel and they fixed it but, it took awhile. I do tend to overload my larger bags, especially when I travel with them and they've held up really well. Good luck....I'm sure they'll fix and get it back to you looking just like new!!!!!
  8. Thanks kristal! I just talked to the SA at the boutique where I'm taking it to get it fixed, and she seems to think that it's not a big problem so I hope it really does turn out to be a more minor repair than I'm worrying about.
  9. hope you got your problem solved soon!!Mine is at my friend's place. I will be travelling to US onemonth after. THat would be the time I get my reporter.
    I am suffreing now. dreaming about my bag every night hahah