Anyone with a blond Kooba Caitlin?


Mar 4, 2008
1,196 has it been holding up?
I've seen 3 in person. One was @ bloomies, and pretty beat up, but the leather on it was nice and thick. I ordered online from 2 diff vendors, as I figured the leather would vary.
One had thin leather, dark areas and speckles. The other was shipped in a plastic sleeve, and got all kinds of new 'texture', most I've managed to even out by rubbing. Has a few 'thin leather' areas.
I would love to hear from anyone that has this bag. Have u sprayed it with apple guard? As this leather is quite susceptible to water spots.
Anyways. I know the kooba forum has been quite dead, I'm hoping there are some Kooba caitlin lurkers out there.


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I don't have a catilin but I have a blonde Meredith. It's soft thick smooshy leather. It has held up OK but it does show more wear than a dark color. Nothing very noticeable but if you inspect it closely you can find some signs of wear.