Anyone Wish they had bought more Cherry Blossom back in the day?

  1. ?????
  2. raising my hand...:Push: :Push:
  3. I only have the pochettes but wish I had picked up a papillon.
  4. and a cles...or two..gorgeous.
  5. I really wish I'd been into LV back then, because trying to get the pieces I want now is expensive and sometimes risky because you can never be too sure with eBay.
  6. what did you guys get??
  7. what else did you wanna get eff??
  8. :noggin: Yes!! I should have bought a pink papillion!
  9. I wish I was into LV back then too....would've saved me some money!
  10. omg I so do!! I love cherry blossoms! Wish I could've got the whole line lol. That was when I first got into LV and the cherry blossom pochette was my first LV. I wish I at least got a wallet and now I want the papillon.
  11. I got a pink papillon on eBay a couple of months ago... I'd like a cles or two, a pochette, and a little mirror, not very practical but totally adorable.
  12. I'm kicking myself for not buying the Monogram Ceries Speedy when it was available:crybaby: ...I can't touch a new one now..on the secondary market..
    That was a big whoops on my part
  13. i only like the cream/red Papilon that i have, but i wish i'd bought it earlier, so i wouldn't have had to pay the fortune that i did for it this summer :mad:
  14. i wish that i bought CB papillon and cerises speddy earlier :mad:
  15. i wish that my mom had kept the satin cherry. I don't know the name of the bag, but it was really really pretty. I think it was a real small papillon? but it was sooooooooooooooo pretty, but my mom wanted the other style. So she gave up the bag. She did have the satin cherry sandals, but she ended up returning it bc she couldnt get the bag. me and her both regret that now HUGE time!!!

    but i do have the red and pink cherry pochette and i love them!!