Anyone Wish for Christmas Louboutins?

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  1. I wanted to wish all my friends on TPF a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and all the best for 2019.
    I'm also wondering if anyone else has asked for a favorite pair of Louboutin's for Christmas ? I am so hoping and wishing Santa brings me another pair of my staple and now everyday heels - Hot Chicks. I know they are like discontinued but my b/f friend is so clever and so smart that I am so wishing he can find me at least one other pair.
  2. Please post pics with outfits, would LOVE to see your style.

    Check Tradesy, Postmark, TheRealReal, VC (Vestiaire Collective), Ebay. Hot Chicks pop up occasionally.
  3. I jist so happen to be browsing online earlier this morning and happen to come across these beauties sold at Nordstrom. Merry Christmas Screenshot_20181225-123548_Nordstrom.jpg
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  4. I saw these online as well. It's the Hot Chick style but what looks like a 100mm heel vs. the traditional 130mm heel.
  5. Any Christmas surprises Christina? I did get a couple of new pairs but no Hot Chicks...
  6. [​IMG]
    Im still looking for pair like these!
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  7. I just scored a Body Strass 120 (black sheer mesh)..UNBELIEVABLE!! Been looking for ages, I had a line on one over Ebay but it got bought out from under me. On a whim, I went to Tradesy on Dec 25 (Xmas) & found one .. NEW! Scrambled $$ wise, had to sell something over Craigslist (local buyer), deposited cash to bank.. CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Earlier this month I scored a black-sheer mesh T-strap Salopatina 120 (via trade)..another dream shoe! See attached pics for the 2 dream shoes

    ^^^ I had resigned myself to never getting them (just admiring them on others), it seemed impossible. Advice to the wise -- if you see the shoe, BUY THEM! Louboutin makes small runs for short period, they likely won't be re-released. I didn't pop for the above 2 shoes because of the EXCESSIVE price ($1200 = $1400 retail).
    Christian-Louboutin-Body-Strass-Pump-Amy-Adams1.jpg Leslie-Mann-Christian-Louboutin-Solapatina-Strass-Pumps.jpg
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  8. I asked and I received!
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  9. [​IMG] merry christmas to me!!!!!
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    OMG, just got them from Tradesy. The heel is blue gun metal sequins..the photos didn't indicate that!! Black sheer mesh toe w/Swarovski crystals. I was out of town on business, scored a black/black-suede Eclectica at 40% off ($525, regularly $875). I had drooled over them (out of my price range), but resigned myself as only an admirer. Like above (Body Strass 120), "dreams turned into reality". See pic of Erik Jayne in an incredible Eklectica (black/silver),,whoah! I WANT those..

    Just got back from trip (working hard for 6 days), found Body Strass waiting for me on doorstep -- couldn't believe a porch-pirate SWIPED them! Wearing them both right now, chilling out. On freakin' Cloud 9 right now

    Happy Man
    ..from terrific movie "Pretty Woman" (starring Julie Roberts)

    See pics of Amber Heard in black Body Strass 120, she has a terrific bod! Great legs, like Stilly.. Too bad she split from Elon Musk, he needs her as stimulation to boost Tesla Model 3 production. Latter is make or break for Tesla.
    adreww.jpg Amy-Adams-in-Christian-Louboutin-Body-Strass.jpg amber-heard-justice-league-premiere-side.jpg DpJOoRbW4AAI4n8.jpg
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    ^^^ Monsieur Louboutin gone "outta his mind", basically Eklectica is a "souped up" So Kate. 3-way materials, over a So Kate body. Interesting..the sizing is not as tight as So Kate in my size. I.e., you could go down .5 size in Eclectic from your So Kate size. That's the ONLY I could get this shoe, it was .5 size smaller than my So Kate size. Still a bit tight, but it will stretch out fine.

    There was a mistake in my USPS "hold" order, (actually it's a bug in USPS system!?) it was delivered to my door step 1 day before I got back. This $1400 shoes (new-in-box) was sitting "up for grabs" for a freeloader to swipe!! Got REAL LUCKY here..

    Oops, it's not a dude in 5" stiletto heels.

    I should mention there are some hot trans-girls rocking Loubs. Gigi Gorgeous (So Kate, etc), Chanel Santini (porn star in Vegas). See pics. She got a Loub Pigalle 120 (2013 & later, not the preferred classic pre-2013 version). Rockin' them at red-carpet events. She's in Stilly territory -- a "natural". Born to entertain, future star.
    Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 5.14.19 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 5.16.41 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 5.16.13 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 5.12.18 PM.png
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