Anyone who's looking for the Lobster Ursula Bowler...

  1. I will be returning mine to Saks (Manhattan, NY) :sad: *sniff* tomorrow between 1-1.30pm EST. It is brand new, I've never used it and it was never even on the display rack. Tags are still attached as well.

    Just thought I'd post here for those who are looking, i don't know if they will be marked down. But since it's so busy over there, I'm sure it will be sold right after it goes back on the shelf. Wanna give you ladies here a heads up, so you can call them to do a charge send. i hope someone from TPF gets it and give her some good love :love:
  2. why are you returning it?
  3. I just got the quilted petrol MP, chestnut drummed satchel AND a butter blake. i can't afford to keep all of them unfortunately. Besides, i'm also paranoid about quality issues on the bowler (none on her yet! *touch wood*), so i think it's best that i let her go. :sad:
  4. Heading off the Saks now... lobster bowler will be back at Saks shelf in a few. :smile:
  5. Somebody should SERIOUSLY grab this red bowler -- it's been further reduced to $409.43 now (at Saks), and that's from $975. Red is going to be a huge hit this coming fall/winter.....and not only that, I just think the red combined with the quilted patent leather design is really unique yet also classic in a way. Ok I shall shut up now before sounding too much like a MJ salesperson.
  6. I KNOW! Even the SA told me it was marked down and asked if i wanna rebuy. They just threw the bag into the big pile of other bags. It aches my heart to see that, so i just picked it up and let it sit on a shelf looking pretty lol.
  7. Zoinksta, I do that too. =) SA sometimes just stuff the dustbag into a returned bag. I feel sad seeing that so I would fold the dustbag neatly again before putting it back.

    Agree with Foxy, someone should get this Bowler. It's really stunning -- definitely a statement bag! Zoinksta, you really can't keep it?
  8. Tell me about it! i folded the dustbag and put it neatly inside the bag before returning it. They're just so rough with the sale bags sometimes :rant: i just hope there aren't any scratches or marks from them tossing the bowler around, honestly...i was a little appalled. Because that bag was in such pristine condition, i didn't think it should be treated that way. :shocked:

    bag.lover: i wish i could keep it, but i really can't. DH's gonna flip if he finds out about the quilted MP and drummed satchel. He was "ok" with butter blake, so i'm gonna have to walk on eggshells for the next few days lol :shame: i truly hope that someone can take good care of that lobster bowler.
  9. Just read your message, I have been looking for that handbag all over, could you please pm me the name of your sales associate or the sku number if it appears on your return receipt-I am sure they sold yours, but, maybe they can get me one through locator.......thanks a million
  10. Hey. I really need this bag in my life right now. I've literally been calling all over the country looking for it. Do you know about what time you returned it, and the number of the store you returned it to? Hopefully it isn't gone by now, but I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!