Anyone who's looking for a petrol stam...

  1. I saw one at this spa in San Francisco called Relax Now Spa. I would assume that it is authentic. I just thought I would spread the word. This is their contact info:

    Relax Now
    2241 Fillmore Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115
  2. UGH! I called out of curiousity, I already have the Petrol MP. I asked how much and the receptionist said $300. I asked if it was authentic, and she said it was imitation... YUCK! I can't believe they would even charge that much for a fake, much less sell it at a spa and hurt their reputation in such a way.
  3. Ick! I can't believe that it's a fake. I don't have the chance to go in and take a good look at it. I was just looking at it from the outside of their spa and I saw the kisslock even has Marc Jacobs inscription, though I know it doesn't guarantee the authenticity of a bag, but the fact that they're a nice spa in a rich neighborhood, I just assumed they're selling the real thing.

    The most disturbing part is, they have couple of stams, hudsons, and other designer handbags that they must be all fake!!:yucky:
  4. Well, at least they are honest about it. Here in Santa Monica, there are a few stores on Montana and Main St that sell fake bags too, but at least there's no inscription... I don't understand why these stores do it, esp when they're in a nice neighborhood.

    In any case, you're intentions were good, thanks for keeping us in mind!
  5. :wtf: Isn't it still illegal to sell regardless of whether or not they say it's fake? Why would they risk their business like that??