Anyone Who Was Hunting For The Purse From Music And Lyrics=its Back!!!in Butterscotch

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  1. :smile: I KNOW there were many ppl wanting the anna corinna drawstring bag, in the color used by drew in music and lyrics and it was gone for a long time but its back and avail.!!!!!!!!!! :smile:

    I have one that i got a long time ago long before it was popular and its perfect!!!! i used it every day for summer after summer and its held up SO well!!! :smile:

    and i think that gretchen can be used as a % off code too,,,! :smile:
  2. Wow Bessie! Remember how crazed I was looking for this bag? That's how I found this forum! I have it in tobacco but might consider it in butterscotch depending on if I can find a good enough code (see how picky I've become in 2 months?)! Thanks for the info!
  3. Stop showing us so many neat bags. I cannot stand anymore!!

  4. haha sorry! :smile:

    And cgsprings thats SOOO funny i had fogotten exactly who it was who was going nuts to get this
    IT WAS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: and now you arent buying it haha :smile:

    do you love the tobacco more then you thought you would?
  5. Bessie, you are a mind-reader, I swear. I have it in my shopping bag at Luna!

    I watched that movie Wed. with my girls and we were all admiring Drew's bag. (I have a thing for shoulder bags, anyhow) and went on the hunt and found this site.

    I should have just asked you and saved myself alot of trouble!

    CGsprings-the tobacco is available for preorder at Bagshop (coming in July) for I think $389; do you like yours?
  6. What a great bag- love the slouch!
  7. Yes I do love the tobacco more than I thought especially after getting the large sturdy Chameleon to put inside. If you remember, I also got the butterscotch mini city so that sort of satisfied my butterscotch craving and I was worried about the drawstring having no pockets. I solved the problem by getting the small Chameleon for the mini city and most of my other bags and when I use my drawstring, I just put the small Chameleon loaded with all my stuff right inside the large sturdy Chameleon! It works like a charm! But now that you refocused my attention on the butterscotch drawstring, I'm starting to consider it again! The only thing is, why get 2 of the same bag when everyone's raving about Tano, HH, and Rebecca Minkoff? I know you just found a wonderful Tano and I'm happy for you. What happy dilemmas! By the way, I hope things are improving with your Dad. I am sending good wishes for his speedy recovery.
  8. I saw this bag sell on eBay the other day & it went for $315; Luna's price with code (grechen-without the t) was $280.
  9. OMG! Perfect timing! I just watched this movie the other day and was drooling over Drew's purse!!! :heart:

    I'm also totally infatuated with those cute sunglasses she had on!
  10. ^^Me too! I just watched the movie last night! I don't usually like Anna Corinna bags, but Drew makes it look so good!
  11. Hi! I came to the forum initially because I was hunting for the butterscotch Anna Corinna Drawstring. I finally received it this morning, and I am disappointed in the finish. I have it in tobacco, and it is highly glazed and looks gorgeous. The one in butterscotch has almost no shine to it and looks more pale than the one Drew is carrying in the movie. Does yours have substantial shine to it? I can't believe I'm thinking of returning it!!
  12. hey ! :smile: no acutally mine has NO SHINE which i love its real raw leather look

    The tobacco i saw in pictures did seem like it was shiny

    i think its a totally different leather treatment and everything :smile:

    I didnt actually see the movie just the previews so i cant attest to how her bag looked in the movie but mine has zero shine but i really love that cause i love the natural look of leather :smile:

    sorry to hear you dont love it :sad:
  13. Bessie - Thanks so much for replying. I was so certain that it was just the newer batch that is matte. I'm glad you like yours the way it is. I had a shiny butterscotch purse in my head for the past three months, because the tobacco one is so shiny. I posted a message asking for suggestions, and white flowers suggested that I ask Barbara at LMB. I did, and she has a product that will add shine called, New Shine Restore. If it doesn't work, I'm certain it won't hurt it. Also, I read about your dad. Good wishes and prayers coming at you both.
  14. aw connie thank you much for the wishes :smile:

    and yay im glad there is a product def worth trying! :smile:

    I can see how you would expect it shiny after your tobacco one is
    i wanted to ask, how shiny is the tobacco one?! :smile: thanks :smile:
  15. I ORDERED IT FROM LUNA BOSTON!!! GOT THE $280 PRICE AND FREE SHIPPING!!! I just could NOT resist!!!:yahoo::yahoo: