Anyone who shops at Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury's - read this.....

  1. disgusted yet?

    Supermarkets take cut of Fairtrade cash for poor farmers-News-UK-TimesOnline

    I cannot believe these people :cursing:, how bad is this? I accept they exist to make a profit and not to help others. It is just they are falsly pretending that they are helping others. I just wish they would advertise themselves as

    "Tesco, over - processed food but cheap, so sod you all"

    Any views?

    (thanks for reading)

    I emailed them Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's about there stance and I will let you know what reply (if any!) I get.
  2. interesting article thanks. the article isn't saying that the supermarkets aren't helping the farmers, its saying they are helping the farmers but helping themselves more than they help the farmers. that the profit margins the supermarket makes on fairtrade is more than what the farmers will receive and that is deceitful.