anyone who sells b-bags on e-bay please read this

  1. Thank you so much aaallabama!!! I got the same message!!!
  2. OMG, are you kidding me?!?! :wtf:
  3. Out of the past two bbags I have sold or attempted to sell, I never got that message. I did just send a bbag to the phillipenes that I sold on Ebay...but to a lovely PFer.
  4. I was contacted by that person, but they made me nervous and I told them i wouldn't do the deal they proposed. zero feedback buyer, shipping to an unconfirmed address? but i didn't realize they were this crooked! wow, scary.
  5. crazy... yes, everyone should go read that :wtf:
  6. here is the message i got - just in case they come back under another name:

    Hello, is it possible for you to provide photos of the tags as well as the
    original receipt if possible pls. email it at and also is this
    readily available? cause im planning to send this as gift? and would you
    ship worldwide ? can you quote for shipping cost to philippines via USPS
    Express Mail Service City Manila , Zip 1004. sorry if im asking too much .. BTW i can pay right away. just let me know the total including shipping to philippines as im planning to send this as gift thanks :smile:
  7. aaallabama, it is such a great thing you posted this thread, I think this is a very common way to scam seller nowadays.... I got a message from a buyer registered in NY US asking me to send the bag to Philipines, he said he wants to send it as a gift and would like me to send it by express mail. I just replied and told him sorry I can't send to unconfirmed address if paid with paypal. Then soon after that account was suspended.....:wtf:
  8. Yes!!! Zeke this is the exact same message I received, but with a different email address :yucky:
  9. Well, at least he's consistent...the danger is when he realizes his little scammer story isn't flying anymore and thinks up something more cops and robbers I guess.
    Thanks for the heads-up, I hope Karma comes back and bites him on the a**:mad:
  10. Totally useless info...

    Redhorse8182@gmail --- I started crackin' up when I read that this is the eBayer's account. REDHORSE is a very err "potent" beer in the Philippines. Ya knock out 3 of these badboys and you are gone for the night. Based on experience... (cough).

    A scammer with a sense of humor is still a scammer.
  11. ^^ holy crap, that's what mine said too!!! :wtf:
  12. how scary!?! aaa, thanks for the heads up. good think you followed your gut feeling.
  13. How do you report to Ebay a seller that is selling fake bags? I cannot find where to do it. Also, what do you say to Ebay?
  14. powderpuff, i just started a new thread with that link. all you do is cut and paste the auction number, don't have to say anything more.