anyone who reads W mag

  1. i'm featured in the reader's react section....under beautiful faces, i'm aviva. although they basically rewrote my entire letter.
  2. OMG, really? Congrats.
    I don't really read W mag, but i flip thru it when im at Barnes & Noble. I'll look it up, is it April issue?
  3. may. :smile:
  4. WOW! CONGRATS That is awesome! I can't wait to read it...

    Did you see their ACCESSORIES mag.... drool....

    Congrats again, how exciting!! :smile:
  5. yeah for some reason, i have a free subscription to their accessories mag. i think it would have been alittle more exciting had they not completely rewritten my letter, but yeah, it's cool. thanks:shame:
  6. i'll take a look, i love W! is it the one w/ jessica simpson on it?
  7. Organic...ohhhh!! How exciting!!! :nuts: :nuts: I have not received my May issue just yet. But, W is my favorite magazine!!!

  8. How did you get the subscription to the Accessories Mag? I looked online and I couldn't find anything. It's the really big one that is $10?

    I REALLY want to subscribe to it but found no info on it, just their Daily Newletter, please share! :smile:

    Congrats again! :smile:
  9. they just mailed it to me for no reason. i have no idea why.

    and jessica simpson was a few months ago it hink? this one is a ghastly lindsay lohan, complete with kaballah bracelet, and meryl streep.
  10. haha i get the W Jewelry subscription too and it's free and i have no idea how or why i get it.. they probably got my address cuz i subscribe to like.. 10 (literally! i counted!) other different magazines... eh, doesn't hurt me as long as it's free, right? haha.

    i'll pick up the May W though and read your article/letter. and cuz i love my lindsay. :biggrin:
  11. They rewrote your letter? That's not nice.
    I'll take a look when my issue comes in.
  12. We better have gotten a mention... just kidding! :P

    Congrats, but I don't think I can agree with the editing much. What's the point of contributing writers if every second word is rewritten? :blink:
  13. awww its too bad that they rewrote your letter!!

    what did your letter say that was different?
  14. I will look for you!
  15. Cool i will be sure to pick it up