anyone who owns the Lemon Slice coin purse, is it worth buying!? (for $70)

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  1. I have been eyeing it for days on eBay and i cant decide if its worth the $$ :smile: I just ordered the Patent Hamptons one from for like change and stuff

    and I have a LV Cles that i use right now for keys and metrocards but its from an EX and i really would love to get rid of it and i know the lemon can hold cards like metro cards, etc,,,

    SOOOOO MY Q is to ppl who own them is it worth it? do you love it? Do you use it?

    I would get it for around $70..........

  2. Sorry I don't have it. I like it though, it's cute. Also, if it is big enough to hold things like Metrocards, etc. and you like it, I would get it. Do any outlets have them? I don't know if you would be able to get it any cheaper. Good Luck deciding.
  3. hmm I dont think I could buy one just because Im not big into fruit shaped things. But if I was you, I would get a small wallet from coach for 20 dollars more. Good luck.

    Seriously I would get what you want!
  4. I have it but haven't used it yet. Summer has not arrived in South Dakota! I plan on using it to carry cards or other little things and hanging it off my bag like a charm. It is cute and the details are very nice!
  5. I paid $98 for it last summer becasue I love it so much.

    However, it was in the outlet for $39.99 in two months. :sad:

    I still love it.
  6. Im not sure it would hold metro cards,maybe sell your Cles,and get one in Pomme?
  7. I love the fruit coin purses and am always searching eBay for a good price on one!
  8. Hey! I actually asked the seller and she took a pic of it with a credit card in it so if it can hold that it can hold a metro card!

    And I tried 2 sell my cles that was my 1st idea to get the pomme but NO ONE wanted to buy it :sad: and I wasn't even asking close 2 retail so sad :sad: maybe ill have better luck 2nd try....

    I'm leaning toeard the lemon! Haha I really want it

    AND good luck getting into Baruch I go to Brooklyn and love it !
  9. I don't know how big is a Metro-card. But it can fit a few credit cards in. Does it help??
  10. I bought mine on eBay for about 45 dollars US but that was in the middle of winter. With spring almost here the prices may be going up. There should still be some less expensive ones if you're patient and keep looking.
  11. OMG - Helpl!!! Slush, I have like 3 of these on my watch list right now!!! At this point of the month (with my account already basically drained because of Coach), it would have to be pretty cheap for me to bid.....
    I always wonder if I'm bidding against a fellow tpf'er!
  12. haha :smile:!!!! KIDLEARNER ITS ON! haha j/k!!! I acutally hate bidding on things i always just go with BIN, cause i watch the bids and they always get so nuts anyway that its like i might as well go with BIN

    Like i was watching an apple earlier and it went up to $81 and then $15 so like $96 shipping i was like NO WAY!!! dont want it that bad

    but im thinking i may want it for $70 haha i cant decide!!! grrr decisions!
  13. You crack me up!! :roflmfao:
    I actually REALLY want the grapefruit one. Have you seen what that's going for? I think $156 or something with lots of time left!!! Ku-Rayzeee!
  14. You can never have enough Cles:graucho: ..
    (Yet I dont own one LOL)
    The lemon is very cute get it then =]. Thats awsome you go to Brooklyn,I also applied to Brooklyn& City..
    I need ALL the luck I can get to be accepted to Baruch...they are SUPERPICKY with admissions.. 16,000 apply 4,500 get accepted:push: ..
  15. haha i know its up to $152 and there are still like 2 1/2 days left

    i bet it sells for like $200

    its crazy haha i would never for that ill get a purse thank you! :smile:

    but i have a hamptons red patent one getting delivered tomorrow so i think im gonna wait

    it seems like lots of people have the lemon ones sooo maybe a price will turn up better i cant decide :smile:

    Either i am going to wind up waiting, or im going to just BURST and hit BIN and scream later :smile: