Anyone who owns a white Chanel...

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  1. How hard is it to keep clean? I am loving the white jumbo flap in white but i am so worried about it getting really dirty. If not then i will have to choose another color. What do all of you think? Thanks!:yes:
  2. the caviar or lamb?
    I have a distressed calfskin dark white bag and t's not too terribly hard to keep clean.
  3. The one i was looking at was the caviar...i'm new to Chanel and not too sure what the difference is! Ah..i'm so embarrassed.:confused1:
  4. don't be embarrassed, not at all!
    Caviar leather is super easy to care for, it's Chanel's most durable, do a search, it's a finely pebbled texture.
    Lambskin is their most delicate.
    You should absolutely indulge in a white caviar bag:yes: no stress to maintain.
  5. i just saw a post someone made caviar vs lambskin...i see that the caviar is more durable...that might be the best one. Is there anyway to have it cleaned if it was to get dirty?

  6. Thanks Swanky!:roflmfao: :yahoo: :yes:
  7. :cutesy:
  8. I have a white caviar and I think it is much easier to deal with. I use my trusty Meltonian leather cream/lotion on everything and have no problems.
  9. if u r worried about keeping it clean then WHITE LAMBSKIN IS NOT FOR YOU at this time. i had a white jumbo lambskin classic flap bag and i sold it on ebay for less than 1/5 of what i paid for it because i just couldn't use it. it picked up everything. i used it one time kept it for a year and sold it.

    i have several white caviar bags and i love them. the only downside with the white caviar is that the handles "yellow" and soften. but you can have them serviced at chanel. also, white caviar is very easy to clean and maintain.

    in a nutshell, in my opinoin, white caviar is the way to go! good luck!
  10. I have a white lambskin, some clothing can RUB OFF :wtf: but the color comes off with baby wipes.. so if you're already worried about getting it dirty, it's probably not the bext choice!! Caviar is really easy to care for though, it's not as delicate as lambskin :yes:
  11. i have a friend who swears by mr.clean magic eraser to clean her white bag and i use it to clean the keyboard of my mac and it does the job.
  12. Thanks everyone for the great advice! It looks like the Caviar is right 4 me:yes:
  13. I have the east-west bag in white caviar and it keeps clean with very little maintenance. If you go white, caviar is definitely the way to go!
  14. Doesn't Smooth have a lot of white bags?