ANYONE who owns a botkier bag please read and give me your input :) Thanks!

  1. hey ladies who own botkiers i have a Q. I have 2 now :smile: and one i got at Active Endeavors | Shopping which i have been told by many is 100)% trust worthy

    the other i got at which is also 100)% trustworthy

    both came with paper botkier authenticity cards, but the newer one (bianca)-from searlenyc came also with this plastic credit card like thing for registration

    did everyones botkiers come with these plastic cards? or just the paper ones?

    PLEASE PLEASE let me know its making me nervous!!!! should my other one have had that too? does it mean anything about authenticity?
  2. I dont know how to delete a thread ! so i cant delete this but NEVERMIND :smile: I got my answer i just called Botkier myself and they are both reputable sellers of their merch. and its just they didnt start putting the credit card like thing for registration until the newest like for spring! the other bag i have is from the fall collection and that is why i didnt have it! Problem solved THANKS! :smile: