Anyone who own/saw Vert D'eau color in person!! Please Help!!

  1. I'm really wanting Vert D'eau bag, especially after seeing some TPFer's pics. But when I contacted Daisy of BalNY, pics she send me don't look anything like the ones I saw on this forum. I attached some forum pics to her, and asked her if Vert D'eau looks as yummy as forum pics.......or IRL, it looks just like the pics she sent me. She replied and said color actually looks just like the pics "she" sent. I don't want Vert D'eau if that really is the case, but I also trust TPFers who took pics of theirs and rave how much they love the color:confused1:

    Anyway, I attached a few pics Daisy sent me, so please anyone who owns or saw Vert D'eau in person, let me know what you think...... I do know B-Bag's colors are hard to capture, but if Vert D'eau looks this white-ish, I really don't care for them.

    Thank you in advance for all of your help!!!:flowers:
  2. Oh, one more comparison pic..... Daisy send me this pic of Part Time with GH, and color looks somehow so much richer than RH bags...? Is it just a contrast of Gold x Vert D'eau vs RH(black silver) x Vert D'eau??
  3. I know I LOVE the color of the Part Time but I went to NM this week to see for myself it looks like mint reminds me of the wedding shower mints that are different colors.
  4. I think the pics Daisy sent you are too pale. Mine is not that pale/flat:confused1: It is really a beautiful color in person, neither too pale or bright - jus perfect IMO.

    Here is mine. 1st pic is inside & the 2nd is taken outside.
    out1.jpg bbag4.jpg
  5. My Vert D'eau city is much more 'intense' than how it appears in her pictures.. It looks washed out and faded in hers.. the leather on mine looks more like the one with GH. Hope this helps, it really is a gorgeous colour! :heart:
  6. verty, I love the color in your second pic. I saw this color in person the other day and it looked mint green. I wonder if the leather differs that much?:confused1:
  7. verty, sammy

    Do you think color's different because they could be from different batch? If so, that really sucks. I like both of your bags color a lot, but if what BalNY have right now is that flat/white like Daisy told me, I don't like them at all....
  8. I orderd from Daisy and when I sent her a fax it appeared very dark on her computer monitor she said - so maybe when she see's these pics they are more vibrant to her? So maybe she's not seeing the color we all are :p

    wintotty - i just ordered mine last thurs. so i would think it would be the same batch.. but i'm guessing it prob. has to do with her monitor! maybe she saw the pics of the pf'ers bags as being verrrry dark (she said my fax was so dark it was un-readable).
  9. I just E-mailed Daisy with your pic attached (hope you don't mind). I really wish it's their computer monitor problem! It's so horrible, they ought to have the best monitor available, since they deal with so many different shades of colors!!
  10. ^no worries! :smile: also, i just ordered that bag from her last week.. she may remember who i am (quite possible cause i'm pretty sure she thought i was crazy...) maybe you can say "can you pick a color that's close to the one you sent to the bermuda girl in texas".. haha, she might remember!

    Oh & thanks MRG :smile: I guess it's possible that the color would vary, just as the leather does.. hmmm
  11. win, here's a quick pix i have with vert d'eau. the color on your posted pix is not true color. vert d'eau is a yummy mint.:love: i have seen a bunch IRL and none are that light in color.[​IMG]
    bal vert d'eau and sprouse.jpg
  12. that pic of chaussurewhore's bag is the only pic i've seen that accurately depicts the color.
  13. Well, either it was the lighting in NM or the leather color differs but the Vert D'eau I saw was not like chaussurewhore's. I wish it was because I would have bought it.
  14. ^Yeah..l'm really starting to think so...cause mine looks more minty/brighter than chaussurewhore's.
  15. Vert D'eau is a very pretty color, the pics from Bal don't do it justice. I saw a RH city at NM, beautiful. I would totally get it but didn't b/c a) the handles are just too small to carry it on my shoulder (my pet peeve) and the color is so light, it would be dirty in no time, although I tend to baby things:smile: So it's up to you, but the color is very pastel, springy and beautiful.