Anyone who is 5'4" and about a size 2?

  1. I know this question might have been answered a million of times and there are alot of photos in the "Hermes in Action" thread.

    I am still quite new here and was wondering if you are about 5'4" and a size 2, if you could be so kind as to post a pic of you with your 30 and/or 35 birkin. I just want to see how big the difference is between the 2...on the "Stars and Hermes" thread I saw a post with Nicole Ritchie and her 35 black birkin and it looked a little big big on her...I know she is WAY smaller than me...she's probably about 5'2" and 90 lbs (correct me if I am wrong). I just don't know if I can pull off a 35...but I think it is a fabulous size for all the things I bring to work everyday.
  2. hi ms.fashionista! i'm 5'5" and a size 0/2 and i have a 35 birkin which i don't think looks too big on me, but maybe your tolerance is different?

    here's a picture (i'm wearing probably 2.5-3" heels here):

  3. i never get tired of seeing you with that birkin msbean!
    and your bags together - what a combo. reminds me of emnh's avatar!
  4. thanks hh! :smile: i gotta get around to getting some new birkin shots but the weather hasn't warmed up to the point where i can wear my "fun" outfits yet hehe

    gonna go look up emnh now i think i haven't seen that yet...
  5. Hi ms.fashionista, I am slightly shorter than you and I personally find 30cm suits me better.

    I think 35cm is still alright. But I prefer 30cm because it's lighter. 35cm weighs me down even when it's empty. Although I know a lot of people around our height are fine with it.

    Sometimes, you really need to try them out in person to know.
  6. msbean, you look great!!!
  7. I've tried on 35cm several times and while I could pull it off, it definitely still look big and tote-ish on me. But in my case, I'm 5 ft 8 in so it's definitely personal preference. For me, 30cm is the ideal size, holds lots, still can work as a purse, very functional.
  8. Mrs.Bean, you look great with that 35cm!! Damn, I wish I'm a size 0 again ... *sigh*
  9. i have both sizes and i'm 5'3". the 35cm is more of a tote on me and it holds quite a bit (esp for traveling). the 30cm is significantly smaller and has a more compact look to it. to me, it feels more like a handbag and not so much a tote.
  10. Msbean, that's a 35cm? You carry it well.
  11. Hi there,
    I am 5'3" and a size 2. Here is a quick shot of me with the two sizes. I actually prefer the 35 but I do like big bags. Hope this helps!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    30vs35 002_1.jpg 30vs35 005_1.jpg
  12. Msbean and Rockerchic, you look FANTASTIC!!!:love:
  13. thanks ladies! rockerchic - woowee! i don't think i'd seen pictures of you yet but you look fantastic! love the comparison with the 30 - i don't have one of those yet :smile:
  14. msbean and rockerchic you all look beautiful and both sizes look great !!