Anyone who has used

  1. Hey there, I thought I'd start a new thread although I could technically add on to the " is the best" thread. :p

    Could anyone who has ordered anything from Diabro please tell me how your experience was with them?

    Cos I'm planning to order into the UK and I want to avoid paying the import tax, so how does that work?

    Also how speedy was their delivery? Any complications?

    Just a general overall review of the site...

    Thanks very much for your help!
  2. i believe in the other thread others have stated the following:

    1.quick delivery
    2.they ask you how much to declare for customs - someone declared as little as $30usd however if lost, you would not be able to claim the full amount.
  3. awesome selection, awesome shipping, all around awesome! :yes:
  4. are they sell real stuff? I saw the dior bag i want is almost half price then the price listed in the eluxury.
  5. 100% authentic - I don't know if it is the conversion that results in the lower price, or if it is just supply/demand
  6. Thanks for your replies everyone!

    I was planning to order the dior gaucho in metallic argent and I saw that the single saddle one is listed as Large whereas when I went to the Dior boutique in Selfridges (UK), I asked the SA to give me the name of the bag and she wrote it as Dior Gaucho Medium.

    So I'm wondering if it's the same?

    Thanks for your replies!
  7. I have found that Diabro's descriptions are rather vague, and sometimes duplicate.

    The rule of thumb is to read the measurements and look at the pictures.

    If you have a link to the bag you want I can give you my opinion on which bag it is.
  8. oh my, I can see how that would be confusing.

    To my knowledge there are the:

    Hand-held, small, medium, double, tote, and there seems to be a new large messenger style, and small messenger style.

    The bag you referenced appears to be the medium size.

    Since Diabro has different measurements listed for what appears to be the same bags you could do one of two things:

    1 - email them and ask for clarification on stated size of the bag you want.
    2 - order it and if it is not the medium request to exchange the day the bag is recieved. (Diabro allows day of delivery for return/exchange).

    Sorry I could not be of more help - my gut says that is the medium size; but, since I only have a double gaucho I can not be of total assistance.
  9. I agree with Loganz! It took me a while to find out why they were referring to the medium Gauchos as large. The silver/argent Gaucho is actually a medium Gaucho at the boutiques. They only call it the large on because there is a slightly smaller version...

    The SLIGHTLY smaller version which Diabro refers to as "medium":

    The SLIGHTLY larger version which Diabro refers to as "Large" but the boutiques call it "medium" (NOTE the difference between the strap on this one and the strap on the one above):

    I hope this helps!
  10. Thanks so much for your replies! I think I might order from them, I'm not totally sure yet. It will be my first Dior purchase!

    Thanks again guys!
  11. I'm very happy of my Diabro experience..Authentic items, great communication, fast shipping..
  12. Does anyone of you know how the shipping is to Germany? I send them last week an email and unfortunately they didn't answer.
    Do you have to pay customs?
  13. I was reading another thread and apparently they send you an email to ask you how much you would like to declare. This influences whether you pay customs as well as insurance if it was to get lost.