Anyone who has the expandable flap.....

  1. like this one (borrowed pic from a tPF'er)

    Is it easy to use? Do the double handles get in the way? Do they stay up on your shoulder?
    Does the bag stand up on its own with your things in it, or does it slouch over?
    Any other comments....?
  2. I am not a flap person but I love the expandable. I've never tried it on but Jill and Jenn (clk55girl) both love their expandable flap bags a lot.
  3. I have the tote with the two handles. It is sometimes clumsy, but not that big a deal.
  4. I love mine..I like the 2 strap older Version BETTER than the one strap new version..It holds it shape better IRL!CONGRATS!!!!!!LOVE It!
  5. i purchased one a few months back and I love it is big enough to hold all my things!!!!:heart:

    Chanel flap.jpg
  6. Any other opinions on this bag?? thanks
  7. I have the one pictured and I love it. I intended to buy a large tote style, which is more typical for me, but I saw this and just went for it. It is a great medium size, stays on the shoulder, fits really nicely, and is not too rigid or too collapsible. Just right!
  8. I have the 2 handle version. It does stand up on its own. It is durable, easy to use, and holds quite a bit. My only very minor issue is that it tends to pucker slightly in the lock area if the bag is filled with medium heavy things. No big deal. I highly recommend it.
  9. does anyone have modelling pics? I am thinking of getting one...

    Thanks all!
  10. Pics of black and white



  11. clk55girl - thanks so much!

    Does the expandable come in one size?
  12. ^^ You're welcome! It comes in the flap style, the tote style, and a smaller flap style that I haven't seen in a long time. There's a pic of the small exp flap in the reference thread under "pics of your expandable bags" :smile:
  13. i got the black one and love it- mainly because i have two little ones and fits alot of their stuff.
  14. ^yep,They fit a ton!My new sharpie flap is SMALLER than my expandable and I have to squish my stuff to get it all in now..HEHE
  15. Alright, you all talked me into it, LOL. I got a NAVY expandable flap! She is lovely!!!