anyone who has had problems with "drying" vachetta?

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  1. i haven't used my mono speedy 25 in a while, which still has pale vachetta. it's eternally in it's dustbag and stored inside the box of my BV since i rarely use it nowadays. i took it out of the box today to transfer it on the shelf and noted some dryness on the vachetta... like the texture feels dry if that makes any sense.. anyone who has experienced this? i'm scared to use apple leather conditioner on it tho as it may result to an unnatural uneven patina...
  2. If you think the leather feels dry then the only way to moisten it is to use a moisturizer for leather. I used apple guard several times on my speedy handles, just one coat really wont darken it much, barely noticable if you ask me...
  3. thank you Louie, did you mean the leather conditioner? or the rain and stain repellent?
  4. your welcome, and for dry leather you want to use the leather conditioner. The rain and stain repellent wont moisturize it, just protect it some from getting water spots....
  5. Sorry, I can't help you. :shrugs:

    I use Apple Conditioner to protect the LV vachetta on my LV bags and they do make the vachetta darker. I'd rather have them protected than have them dry out even if I wanted to keep the vachetta light.
  6. i think you should stop keeping it in a box as the leather needs to breath
  7. ^^^ yes... you shouldn't store it in the box!!!

    I use Wilson's.... it doesn't change the color AT ALL and drys very very fast!