anyone who has Gold Guccissima hobo?

  1. how do u like it?

    girls, u think metallic or gold tone bags are still nice?:smile:
  2. I don't have it but saw a pic in a NM catalog, it's edgy, very gold but very pretty!
  3. i know! its so pretty! im really not into the foil-y kind of metallic bags but this one is so pretty... any other opinions? :smile:
  4. It's pretty...will really make a statement. Saks NYC has it.
  5. Diva Divina, would you have any idea how much are they selling the bag over at Saks NYC? :smile:
  6. Don't know how much, but I had a really nice SA take care of me last him up. His name is Devonne..I'm sure he could tell you the price over the phone.
  7. thanks dear! :smile: