Anyone who has a vernis bedford and doesn't like it. Reason why?

  1. I'm thinking to get a vernis bedford but I don't know if it is a practical easy-to-use bag. Any comments on it?
  2. it's a bit difficult to get into. the zipper doesn't go the whole length of the bag, so the opening is a little tight. and then there's the constant worry of getting it dirty or going through color transfer
  3. That's what I heard about the zipper, too. Sandra, thank you for the info :flowers: BTW, you look awesome with your bedford! :yes:
    I haven't had any vernis bag and I'm thinking to get one in bedford because I like the shape of it.
  4. Well, I had a beautiful discontinued bronze vernis bedford. It was a little hard to get into, but nothing I couldn't deal with. My husband made so much fun of me with this bag saying it looked like a barrel and that it was ugly. When I would take it out, he would say, where you going with your duffle bag? Well, he gave me such a complex, that I sold it!!!! WORST MISTAKE I MADE!!!! If I ever find one again.....I'll buy it in a second!!
  5. I have the Peppermint (mint green) one and I barely ever use it since it is HARD to get things (especially my PTI wallet) out of.
    I'd never get rid of it because I do love it but it's just really stiff and hard to get into, IMO.
  6. I bought it for purely aesthetic reason:Push: . It is not a practical easy to use bag.:smile:
  7. I can't say anything bad about the vernis as this was my first high end bag purchase and first LV when they first came out years ago. The baby blue one. I did manage to get a pen mark on it and I haven't used it in years..hmm I should drag it on out.

    I thought it's barrel-y-ness adorable:heart: as is that cute (but useless except for tickets?) pocket on the end.
  8. same reason for me too! the bedford is and was the only LV i really ever wanted.

    i got mine in january and have used it once b/c the zipper is a pain in the bum, it rolls off everything and it is too pretty imo to be subjected to harsh everyday chores and too big to be carried out for evening dinners. :shrugs: :lol: :upsidedown: ...but my bedford is my most favorite bag! :flowers: :love: :girlsigh:
  9. I just recently bought one b/c i was able to find one in lavender, but like every else said, it is such a pain to get into. I always scratch my hand when i try to get something from it. You can sling it on your back but i find it a bit awkward, maybe it'll get used to it or just hand carry it. With that said, I still love it!!

    what color are you thinking about getting? I hope you do get it, it's so gorgeous in any color :smile:
  10. talula, I only like marshmallow colour and I'm very lucky that I'm being offered one marshmallow bedford! So, I'm thinking to get it since I love the colour so much plus I like the bedford shape despite how tight the opening of the bag is and how bulky it is.

    Thank you for everyone's inputs & comments! :smile:
  11. Lol it's definitely bulky. I run mine into walls all the time. And it doesn't work on my shoulder because it ends up sitting vertically and I feel like Cupid with his arrow holder on his back.
    But marshmallow is a pretty color and if you have the chance, I'd go for it. You rarely ever see that or the peppermint so they're pretty rare. And you won't see everyone with it, which is always nice :yes:
  12. I've got the vernis bedford and I LOVE it!!!
    Yes it is a bit difficult to get into but I love the way it looks on my arm.
    I don't use it everyday as my other bags get very jealous but it's a bag that I don't see a lot of people with and it's such a beauty!:love:
  13. i was wanting the bedford! now i'm not so sure.. the zipper.. what's it look like? does anyone have a picture of the top of the bag??

    also, is it because the bedford is not quite flexible so the opening is small??
  14. that's my favorite color besides the perle :love:. i've also been offered a Marshmallow Bedford, but because i already have the Perle i don't know if i'll get the Marshmallow too :yes:
  15. Yeah, that was my problem. :Push: I had a lavender one and sold it because of that reason. It is beautiful though ... :angel: