anyone who had listing removal due to trademark violation

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  1. hi

    which brand do you think being removed the most??

  2. Probably LV but all of the ones commonly faked get removed, plus it also depends on the listing itself and the seller. Others will chime in and post, but if you want more info, do a search under this topic because there's tons of threads on the matter.
  3. Id say Chanel is most dilligently pulled but LV trumps it by far in volume of items listed.
  4. Ebay told me that Coach was my "Trademark Violation" oh, god don't get me going, what in the world are they talking about ?????????? How can authentic Coach items be a violation of any kind to ANYONE ??????? When you call ebay, all you get is the party line.... that's our policy, blah, blah, blah. I have sold on ebay for 4 years, have 100% perfect feedback ( including MANY Coach items). So, I opened a brand new ebay account, and listed the Coach items there. THINK ABOUT THIS----ebay rather have a new UNTESTED seller sell Coach items ???? They are insane !!! :tdown:
  5. yes.. lot of topics abt this... i hate bag every 30 days
  6. wow, didn't know this!
  7. Happened to me today. For a vintage LV. So, are they kicking people off E-bay Motors...wouldn't every one of those listings be a Trademark Violation???
  8. What was the specific reason they cited?? That you used the words "Louis Vuitton?" That is so confusing!
  9. I just took Ebays tutorial about this "violation". And it is a catch all tutorial, covering why you can't sell computer software like a copy of Windows, and a copy of a movie you recorded (duh). The best I can figure is someone reported it is a fake. I have been burned on Ebay with fakes. This is an older bag and with what remains of a monogram on the leather trim, who'd do that to a knockoff? I'm ready to throw in the Ebay towel.
  10. Bonanzle...
  11. For sure, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are pulled often esp since there was a trademark violation lawsuit against eBay by the brand.
  12. I'm really sorry to hear that! I don't sell any nice stuff on fBay anymore...I just sell old clothes/crap around the house because it's just too annoying to deal with that kind of sh*t.
  13. What is your rating in seller dashboard for policy compliance? mine is very low at the moment due to 3 violations :sad:, so that means another violation and i will get suspended? how can we get back to high rating? is there anything we can do..