Anyone who failed the 1-hour glucose test but passed the 3-hour?

  1. Arghhhhhhhhh .... I have to do the 3-hour glucose test now. :sad: The 1-hour wasn't too bad but my number was high.

    Anybody who had to do it? Were you OK with the 3-hour test result? Any special diet before taking the 3-hour test? I don't think I have time to change my diet, my OB wants the test done asap.

    I thought I was being careful watching my sugar intake. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to my carbs ... :confused1:

  2. Two of my girlfriends failed their one-hour, both passed their 3-hour. We were just talking about this last night at our dinner group. My GF just failed last week and she ate a bowl of Life Cereal and a glass of orange juice before her test and her OB thinks that it threw it off and have told her to only eat toast or crackers and water a few hours before her next test...(Thursday). I'll let you know how it goes, she will probably be 3 for 3.
  3. I failed the one-hour and passed the three-hour. My OB-Gyn told me to fast before the test.
  4. ^^ The same thing happenned to me.
  5. I failed both, had GD and controlled it with diet. DD was born 7lbs, 1 oz.
  6. My good friend just failed the 1 hour then passed the 3 hour.

    I falied both and am now on a strict diet and glucose shots every night.

    I don't think you should do anything differently prior to the 3 hour because if you truly have GD then you and your medical team need to know so that you can make lifestyle changes now to ensure health and safety of you and your baby.

    When I failed the 3 hour I was pretty devastated and scared, however, I am now in pretty good control of the situation and trying my best to stay upbeat and positive.

    Good luck and PM me if you have any questions!
  7. The 3 hour test left my arms looking like a druggy. I brought a book to the hospital so it wasn't so bad. Thank goodness I passed my 3 hr.
  8. That's EXACTLY what I was telling my hubby. It was soooo gross!
  9. I had to fast for the 1-hour test and the number was still very high. Now I am worried ... I hope I will do fine with the 3- hour test, at least not get sick where I'd throw up. I've heard that happens sometimes and you'd have to retake the test ... Wish me luck!
  10. Wow! I just went through this a couple weeks ago. Failed the 1 hour and passed the 3-hour GTT. I was not told to fast before the 1 hour and was told I didn't need to since it was just a screening. I still don't quite understand that but whatever....I ate something before I left and it might have thrown it off. Also, the placenta produces/excretes sugar-like hormones which might be throwing off the GTT as well.

    I went in for 3 hour test, had to fast and 4 sticks later, I was found to be normal and passed. I just brought 2 books and a DVD player. I was fine and it's hopefully nothing too serious. Keep us posted!
  11. I had taken the glucose test later than recommended and my doctor had warned me that the numbers may come back elevated. Sure enough I failed. He told me to fast before the next test. Did it and passed! This second time around (2nd pregnancy)i'm hoping I pass the one hour test!
  12. On my first pregnancy I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. But I must say I was pissed at them sticking me with that neddle so many times. Luckly for me the second time around I passed on the first test....
  13. It's very common to fail the 1 hour and pass the 3.
  14. I have been GD 4 out of 6 pregnancies. With 2nd, I failed the1 hour, but passed the 3 hour. Something felt wrong and I started monitoring my fasting blood glucose. I was on insulin within a week. I have never since tried the 3 hour...I hate to subject the fetus to more sugar. My OB told me this time not to worry, just adjust my diet...I am on 56 units of insulin per day! I never listen to any doctor without doing my own research. We aech have one to 6 patients, our doctors have hundreds.
  15. Yah, this happend to me during both pregnancy. For my first, I didn't eat all day. Like a dork, I scarf down handfuls of M&M's. So my blood sugar was kinda out of wack. Took the 3 hour and was fine. Then for my son, I failed again for the 1 hour. This time I really tried to be smart about it. Took the 3 hour and passed again.