Anyone Who Collected LV Back in 2001...Please Help!

  1. Hi there...

    I'm working on a limited edition reference thread. If you collected LV back in 2001...if you can jog your memory regarding the LE bags that were out (aside from graffiti & vernis fleurs) that would be great!
    If you still have bags from that year....please post any pics you have!
    If you don't have the bags anymore...anything you can remember from that year would be great!
  2. I don't own any. What about the Centenaire editions commemorating Louis Vuitton's 100 years 1896-1996? Think there were nine designers chosen to design a one time limited editions in small numbers.
  3. ^^^got those already!

    I didn't realize what a PITA it would be to find info going back only 6 years!!!
  4. This is the only line I can think of at the moment... I'll post more if any others come to mind. ;)

    -Lagoon bags [that were kind of transparent like the Ambre bags and seemed to have a texture like the Epi line]
  5. ^^ I think she also got those..(the Epi Plage).
  6. :yes: john is right (as always :p)! I have been looking for a small blue lagoon forever.

    here's a pic of the larger red one. I think it came in white and gold too.

  7. Found this.
  8. Epi Plage was 2002 :yes:
  9. ^^^ Really? I coulda sworn they were late 2001. :hrmm:
  10. Well, I was pretty sure it was 2002- but I know it was a S/S or Cruise collection. A datecode would help, but the only one I could find was this :noggin:
    aa2c_12 (2).jpg