Anyone who bought a venetia at the nordstrom sale? Please help!

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  1. Hi ladies - If any of you bought a black soft calf venetia from the Nordstrom sale last week - can you tell me how much you paid?? I think I might have gotten charged the wrong amount! Thanks!
  2. I believe the Venetias are $1,025.00 so after 40% off you should have been charged $615.00 plus tax and possibly shipping. How much were you charged?
  3. Okay phew. That is close to what I was charged - I think it was 676 and some change after tax and shipping, etc. For some reason I had a major mindblank and was thinking that the venetia was $995 full price ... but I'm probably thinking of the Blake...

    Thanks for the sanity check - I'm embarrassed :shame:
  4. Melly's right. I bought a black venetia and it was $614.90. Also, I was charged shipping on another bag I bought from Nordstrom. I was able to call the store and get a refund on the shipping.