anyone when's the victoria secret in store sale??

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  1. does anyone know when does the victoria's secret sale begin for the stores??
  2. I "think" it starts this Tuesday or Wednesday...
  3. tuesday! yay.
  4. yep, june 20th
  5. thanks all!
  6. yes!! so excited...!!
  7. june 20th and I can't wait!!! :rolleyes:
  8. I was at the mall to return something today, and saw a sign that most VS stores are opening early for the sale too -- 9am. too early for me on vacation, but thought I'd pass it along!
  9. Yeah saw the comercial tonight... starts Tuesday June 20th at 9AM!
  10. wooohoooo the very same day i'm going to Atlanta to go to the doctor - today! i was going to make sure to stop by the mall while i was there (we have a mall in Athens, but let's face it, it's not the GOOD mall), but now 'll have to be sure that i go to VS!
  11. Was in there some of my fave underwear for $2.99 instead of $5....but couldn't find anything else. None of the good stuff was on sale (like Body by Victoria lines or anything).
  12. ^I've got tons of undies for 2.99, Ipex bra for 24.99, & sport bra for 19.99. It's cheaper than catalog order.
  13. it was a mad house
    and i spent like $90
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