Anyone Went to the Hermes Sale?

  1. Okay ladies, below are several questions in an attempt to stifle my spending guilt (the shock has worn off and now I'm on the guilt stage, soon I'll be going to the Acceptance stage).

    PLEASE tell me you guys DID go to the Hermes sale or WILL BE going???

    If so, WHICH sale did you go to?

    WHAT day did you go (we might've ran into one another)?

    And WHAT did you get?

    *hoping that many ppl spent more than she did*
  2. next one... in N.Y in august. in C.A...not sure
  3. Is it easy to get invited to the pre-sale the day before the actual sale?
  4. :shrugs:
  5. Apparently you have to write to the Marketing Dept and ask to be put on their list.
  6. I got a little card in the mail from my SA in Boston saying the sale was July 31st - Aug. 5th and she wrote that she will be in the store from Aug. 1-5th!! I thought that was really nice of her. I will probably try to go because I'd really like a pair of gloves. What goes on sale anyway, is it just clothing items?
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I know that feeling! I am sickened to my stomach in thinking about how much I have spent over the past 6 months (not just on Hermes) -- I have figured out that I could have bought a pretty nice car... :throwup: :throwup:
  8. I went last Wednesday and bought a dark brown cashmere stole (yum)
    Pics soon!
  9. GT - how was the sale price? (where are those pics, girl?)
  10. ^^
    It was on sale for $354! It's smaller than the one shopmom just got but longer and wider than a scarf. Perfect size!
    I promise pics soon!
    I totally restrained myself and there were many more things I wanted (don't feel bad, Kou) but I'm saving up to get a new bag very soon and had to be good. I'd really wanted a brown stole, though, and was excited to see one on sale!!
  11. Good info -- that's a fabbo price!
  12. I know. Not too many things at Hermes are priced like that. It was a rare find!
  13. I think Shopmom said the SF sale was the 3rd-5th right? So I'll be there on the 3rd. :girlsigh:

    GT, congrats on the stole! did they have any pocket squares/twillys? That's what I'm mostly looking for.
  14. No pocket squares or any leather goods/belts. Just RTW, sweaters, shoes, a FEW wraps, gloves, hats.
    I was bummed because I wanted some scarves or twillys but my wallet is thankful!
  15. Be at the door when the store opens or it will be very picked-over!!