Anyone Wear the Kuffiyeh Shemagh Scarf

  1. I see alot of people wear this in New York..

    From hawgblawg....
    "A friend has seen a photo of a kufiya-wrapped Janet Jackson in a gossip mag, but I can't find it. And now that it's summer...kufiyaspottings may be somewhat more rare. We'll see whether the trend continues as fall sets in and people begin to need scarves once again. Perhaps the trend will be helped by the fact that the kufiya (as restyled by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga) was declared by W's Meggan Crum to be one of Fall 2007's Top Ten Accessories. Check it out: "an eclectic printed scarf trimmed with vintage-style coins," part of Ghesquière's "street-smart, global mix," modeled by Brazilian supermodel Flavia de Oliveira."

  2. I just love these.
  3. where can you get these?
  4. eBay, actually. Search for "arab scarf" or "palestinian scarf" or "shemagh" or "kufiyah". Most ship from overseas though.
  5. eBay has them, but you can also find them on many websites...
  6. I LOVE these scarves. They've been popping in and out of fashion periodically since the late '80s. In fact there's a Wikipedia entry about them.

    I live on the windy Great Plains and I love to wear these scarves as head wraps. They're great at keeping the wind and cold at bay. Something about the soft, pliable middle-eastern cotton and loose weave is just perfect for any inclement condition. I've never found any scarf or hat that is as comfortable or accomodating.

    Thing is I'm always worried about the political connotations. This wouldn't be such a big deal in a large urban setting but I live in a small town. The kuffiyeh was Yasar Arafat's symbol. And for the flimsiest reasons people are mistaken for terrorists with alarming regularity around here.

    Ah well... I'm glad to see them coming back into fashion again.

    I bought mine in a clothing boutique many years ago. And I do see them popping up in boutiques every few years--even around here.
  7. I wouldn't wear them as they just remind me of the eighties....
  8. i do.. but then again im arab

    but when i was in paris and london i saw SO many people wearing them in all sorts of colors.. they're really in right now..
  9. How are most people wearing them? I've seen a variety of ways so far... I like the way Colin Farrell has his on, but I'm skeptical of that for me.
  10. i love mine! bought it on ebay for $9 :smile:

    i actually wear it exactly like colin/kirsten above. paired w/ a black wifebeater and wide leg jeans = my go to bar outfit.
  11. i've seen most people wearing it like kirsten.. i think its easier that way so that it doesn't keep moving around and falling off.. i wear it that way with a tracksuit top ontop usually, so that just part of it sticks out.. but i like the way colin farrell's wearing it too.. it just seems less comfortable
  12. I've seen men wear them but never women.
  13. Sad to say I have worn one since the 80's!! I used to drive my then teenage DD to highschool wearing what she called "your PLO thing" and she would beg me to deep six it..
  14. i had no idea they were in fashion in the 80's.. i've just always known them to be something which is part of arab culture.. men here wear them on their heads on a daily basis and have been doing so forever..
  15. I don't wear them, but they're insanely popular among young Japanese men. The Gyaruo culture there has really taken up with this and you see them in tons of stores.