Anyone wear a pinky ring?

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  1. I am in love with Oprah's pinky ring.....looks like a pave eternity band......
    I hope to have one eventually....
    Do you wear a pinky ring?
    What's your size, what does it look like, is it comfortable?
    Any pics wearing it?
  2. I wear one occasionally...only on my right hand if I don't have a ring finer ring on. I'm not sure what size I am...4 or 5 I suppose. I think they're cute if they're simple and not too fancy ... and that they don't compete with any other rings.
  3. I have a small James Avery cross ring that I used to wear on my pinky. I wear a size 1.5 or 2. I haven't worn it in a few years...maybe I will break it out for tomorrow.
  4. My pinky size is 2.5. I have thought about getting a pinky ring in the past, and if I ever did it would be an eternity ring. I love the little line of sparkle.
  5. Here's mine. It's a diamond eternity band with white gold. I think it's a size 4.25 or 4.5 don't remember. I love it.
    pinkyring 001.jpg pinkyring 002.jpg pinkyring 003.jpg pinkyring 004.jpg
  6. Very nice Moe!...hmmm....might have to start looking for one myself...
  7. I have a small 14k james avery rose that I wear sometimes. It is a size 3.5
  8. i have two both are over 30 years old. i never wear them but still like them. i think my pinkie is a 4.
  9. I have a few...but I have rather big hands and I feel so tony soprano with them
  10. I wear an antique Art Deco white gold and three stone Aquamarine ring on my pinky every day (I wear a white gold, diamond, and Morganite antique Art Deco ring on the ring finger next to it every day also).
  11. Yeah! This is so funny -- it's a family tradition! :smile:
  12. Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    I really want one now!!!
    I think they're so cool!!
  13. ^^^ your pups are DARLING!!

    Love your ring Moe. I almost bought one a few years ago just like it only pink diamonds. I'm still kicking myself for not. :crybaby:
  14. I wear a sterling silver band with a belt buckle on my left pinky :p
  15. I wear one all the is platnium and a simple line of diamonds all the way around it....from Molina's in AZ......i honestly dont know the designer, but it's from somewhere in italy...and i LOVE IT!!!

    Looks very simple but uber classy :p