anyone watching wimbledon?

  1. i got up at 6:30am to watch the gentleman's championships. i :heart: federer :smile:.
  2. Me - I like them both, they are great in different ways.
  3. there is hope for Nadal
  4. ^^ yep yep. he just wont give up. good for him :smile:.
  5. Yep-- dh loves this stuff.
  6. My bro and I were rooting for Nadal. Great match played by both.
  7. It was far too early, I just went to check the scores. I'm a little surprised, but hey, they're both great !
  8. well Federer won and I can't say I'm surprised, but it was a good match 2nd and 3rd set were great. I'm ready for the US Open
  9. i've been wanting to go to the us open for like 4 yrs now. every yr something comes up! this yr i'll be in hawaii :smile:. i wanna check out aloha rag :smile:.
  10. the men's final was great!