Anyone watching the VH1 special w/ Nick Lachey??

  1. He looks so much like my DH it scares me. LOL...(really) But my husband can not sing at all.....
  2. I'm not watching it... but that means your DH is a HOTTIE!!!!!! You lucky lady!!!!

    I love Nick.. I always thought he deserved better then JS. I fell in love with his 2 new/somewhat corny songs too! I think I'm going to go turn it on :yes:
  3. Is it the one were he wept at the end talking about his niece?
  4. ^ Oh man!!! I don't know... but he is such a sweetheart!
  5. ahh i watched it. i love him. i wish he would open his eyes and see all of us lovely ladies willing to welcome him into our lives and forget about whats-her-face. yeah he cries at the end and is like "nothing matters if you dont have family" as he cries about his niece. :sad: awwwww
  6. I just watched it with my hubby. I was crying off and on. It is such a sad story. But he is much better off without her!

    Even his dad started crying talking about when Nick called him to announce the divorce. And he (dad) gets all choked up later when he says the word "divorce"

    They seem like a WONDERFUL down to earth family! I am sure it is hard for him to see his little bro have a baby. I am sure he is genuinely happy for him but he keeps mentioning that all he wants to be is a family man.

    Congrats to him on his new album. He deserves happiness and success for his hard and good works!

    What a hunk huh??

    PS. haven't heard much about Jessica lately. I think she will live to regret this! She had good man!
  7. lol if so you are a veeeery lucky person lol he is SO HOT :love: JS made a stupid mistake, not that it surprises me coming from her. Nick seems so sweet i have make it a point to watch this special on him...
  8. It made me cry too...what a nice guy...(yes, swanky he did get all weepy about his niece)

    His bottom lip is a bit bigger than My husbands!! LOL
  9. He's so hot!!!! I'm so glad that Nick and JS are over. He deserves so much more than dealing with her and her creepy dad.