Anyone watching the US Open?

  1. We are tennis freaks so we are watching!! Last night's match with Agassi was amazing.
  2. I used to live, breath, and eat tennis back in high school. I used to play for the team and was completely obsessed. I haven't been following as closely in the last few years, but will probably catch the finals on tv.
  3. maxter - i saw it- genius
  4. I can't play to save my life, but I looooooooove watching it.
    Agassi was magic. I can't wait to see his Baghdatis match. I'm looking forward to seeing Andy Murray's progress on hard courts and Nadal's efforts to reach a 3rd straight grand slam. It will be a great series.

    Big shout out to Feliciano Lopez for beating Lubey, I've always enjoyed his play and it's great to see him get the upset!
  5. I didn't think Agassi could top his first win but last night was unbelievable!
  6. yeah i was rooting for agassi like everyone else, the match was exciting!!
  7. I have been watching most of the matches. I don't think my heart can take much more! Long live Andre!!