Anyone watching the Grammys now???

  1. Alicia Keyes is rockin it out right now and I am trying to identify her shoes.....lookin for that red sole. Can't tell. She was great!!! :jammin:
  2. Ringo Starr just said "FAB" he is still cool!
  3. She is always great. So talented and with her head on her shoulders!
  4. I loved Alicia's performance!
  5. Any red soles spotted?
  6. I've been looking out for red soles too!
  7. We're all so obsessed :lol:
  8. I was looking on at all the outfits, and unfortunately most of the dresses the ladies are wearing are floor length (except for the ones during their performances), so no CL spottings!!! Grrr!!
  9. I'm surprised Rihanna wasn't wearing any.
  10. The Glitters with the gold or silver heel would have looked perfect with Rianna's electric blue dress. Or maybe even the silver Blings. She should have consulted us - the CL experts!!! :supacool:
  11. any news or pics on who wore CL's to the event?
  12. I didn't see CL's. There were alot of Jimmy Choo's though... I loved Byonce's blond hair. ;)
  13. I didnt spot any either....Tina Turner was rockin!
  14. I was looking for those red soles as well;). Didn't spot any though
  15. r3437116923.jpg


    they look like CL??:confused1: