anyone watching the foresta MM on ebay?

  1. i want it real bad, but i have no idea how high to go on a used bag with stains on it.

    however, it is the exact placement i want and may go for a decent price bc of the flaws.

    there still aren;t any bids on it, so i thought people were just skipping it, but then i saw ALL of the Q's at the bottom.

    eeek! i have no idea how this one will end up.:crybaby:
  2. Yeah its a beautful bag... but at least the stain is in the inside bottom, and it doesn't sound that bad? Just some pen marks?

    Anyway I have way too much foresta and am already broke from the toki obsession. Lol. So at least you won't get competition from me!
  3. :sneaky: i smell snipers...
  4. snipers?
  5. snipers are bidders who place a bid at the last few seconds of an auction. sometimes they do it manually, but other times they do it with automated programs.

    good luck!
  6. Yeah, I saw that days ago & I think it's in my watch list, purely to see how high it goes. I don't really like Foresta, myself. Well, that bag-style retails $130. I'd try not to go above that, but I bet the auction will, since everyone else loves Foresta. :s
  7. yup what fallax cor said. if two people bid back and forth you end up paying more than what you'd pay if u just "sniped" the auction. so like 10 seconds before the auction ends they just enter in a number and win the auction by a dollar lol.
  8. Yes, I am sure there will be snipers at the end. Anymore, I've noticed that items seldom receive bids until the last few hours or sometimes minutes before the auction ends.

    Fortunately, I am not tempted on this one because I have too many Foresta items as it is now and I need to thin down my Foresta collection, not add to it *lol*.
  9. that foresta is so cute but i already have my mm so you have no competition from me :p

    but when i got my mm from lesportsac it already had stains on the inside. nothing major but i was pretty annoyed by that but i'm not looking to sell it
  10. it's on my watch list as well. i wonder how high it'll go tho...
  11. You know, the starting bid was $99.99. I wonder why it went up a penny. Odd.
  12. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: What kind of stains??
  13. i'm not sure actually. but they were two little black smudges on the bottom. i'm sure i could get them out if i tried but i haven't yet
  14. Oh no... my ban... my dream bag... I NEED TO STOP MYSELF :cry: lksjfdlkjgdlkgjdfkljgd I want it so badddd
  15. hmmm nobody placed a bid on this..? There's a little over a day left! Is everyone just watching it? LOL :lol: its a beautiful bag.. wonder what the stain is though