Anyone watching Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo?

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  1. :girlsigh: I watch The Real Housewives of Orange County with a horrified fascination.

    It's like watching Dog's crazy family on Dog the Bounty Hunter except that the OC gals have money and are even crazier. (I've been so cccccold I've been watching a bit of Dog just to sigh over the Hawaiian scenes of people are swimming in the warm ocean.)

    Back to Real OC:

    Slade likes Jo because she is pretty, sexy, young, and fun. But he keeps trying to turn her into a stay-at-home "soccer mom" for him and his part-time kids. I can't see why she stays with him. Do you think is it for the gifts of cars & clothes? How much longer do you think they will stay together? :shrugs:

    All the teenagers of the Housewives are spoiled rotten. Some have already had breast implants! :wtf:
    Vickie is sweet but what a workaholic! :boxing:

    Tammy is new. Jury still out on her. Very pretty. :cutesy:

    Lauri is such a ditz! Obviously the inspiration for a lot of blonde jokes. :hrmm:

    Jena sure knows how to shop! :yes: Do you think her sons will ever become civilized human beings?

    Why are all the gals constantly spilling out of their tops? Do many women dress that way in SoCal? :wacko:

    What are your comments??????
  2. hey, i'm gonna close this thread because there's already quite an extensive one about the show going on over in the television and cinema section! thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.