Anyone watching Long Way Round?!

  1. Is/was anybody watching that show with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman?

    I just freaking love it. I wish I had the time, money and especially the guts to go on a world tour like that :shame:
  2. I bought it on DVD a while back and I LOVED it! I made me want to go and d the same thing (only maybe in a fully equipped Range Rover!)

    Its such a fantastic adventure. I wish there was more of it. They said they were going to do a second expedition, but changed their mind. I don't blame them!

    Its one of my favorite shows EVER. :biggrin:
  3. It just started on German TV a few weeks ago, but I think I'm gonna get the DVD as well since the TV version is dubbed which I hate :yucky: Why don't they just add undertitles for the people who don't speak English?!

    Actually Ewan and Charley have been on a major German TV show maybe 3-4 weeks ago where they said there would be a second tour, probably next year. They were planning on going from England to the south of Africa. When did you hear that they changed their mind? I was so looking forward to that :s
  4. Oh, I heard that they changed their mind- last year! This show was filmed about 1 or 2 years ago!

    They said they didn't want to be so apart from their families again (how cute are they when they meet back up with their wives! I was in tears...)
    I am so glad they decided to do it again, it was amazing! And maybe this time they can arrange a cameraman WITH a passport!

    I couldn't help but have a crush on Ewan. Its inevitable!
  5. I guess no one can help that! He just seems like (and maybe even is) this really awesome, down-to-earth guy. Even my boyfriend loves him :P

    Last night I watched an episode where they were in the middle of Mongolia, visiting a shelter for homeless kids. It really had me in tears :crybaby:

    BTW: Another awesome documentary with Ewan is the BBC (?) one about Polar Bears. Did you see that?
  6. No, I haven't seen that. I will look into it!

    The show is amazing through Mongolia. Its unbelievable. It gets a little less interesting when they get to America really.

    Great, now I can't stop sining "Looong waayyy rooouund"!!

    Have a look at the website ::..:. Long Way Round .:..::
    Its got great clips and information.
  7. Oh, thank you for the Polar bear link! Awesome. I want to see this.

    I am suprised no one else has seen this either! Oh, well. They are missing someting fantastic and inspiring!