Anyone watching Blue Bloods?

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  1. I didn't see any posts of this, so sorry if I am repeating anything.

    Anyway, am I the only huge Tom Selleck fan out here? I am pretty much only watching this show because he is in it, but it is also pretty good I must say. My husband is a bigger Tom Selleck fan than I am and we watched it together last Friday. It is sort of predictable, but satisfying none the less. I just wanted to know if anyone else caught it and liked it last week.
  2. hi! i watched it and liked it. :smile:
  3. I watched and I liked. Loving the cast as well.
  4. I am glad that some of you like the show too!

    I agree that the entire cast is pretty good. Although is it just me or does the detective son (I forget his name) who is played by Donnie Wahlberg not seem to completely fit in with the family. I like his character but with his strong accent and everything else he seems to be different than the rest of the family. Maybe that is the point.
  5. I liked it. I also thought that DW stuck out. Way too short to be a son of TSelleck. BridgetM fit right in though. I hope the storylines lighten up a little though, soooo serious.
  6. Ya'll leave DW alone lol
  7. I really liked it and I have to admit Donnie Wahlberg was my favorite part of the cast!
  8. Tom Selleck still looks good!
  9. Yes and so does his mustache!
  10. I LOVED IT. I wasn't expecting much despite the great cast and the HOTTIE DW. But I was pretty into it, I will see how the rest of the season goes.
  11. I didn't love the show, but I'm watching because I LOVE Donnie Wahlberg. I could never get enough of him!
  12. No kidding!

    He also looks likes he's aging naturally... and doing it very nicely.
  13. I watched the show and it is definitely on my list of new shows to watch.
    I really liked it.
    Great cast and Tom was great it in as was Donnie.
    Looking forward to this week. :smile:
  14. have any of you seen the film 'pride and glory' w/ ed norton and colin farrell?? this show kinda reminds me of it (a family of NY law enforcement) and its only downfall is the detective work portion. If they made that a little more well-written and suspenseful then the show could do really well like 'the good wife'
  15. I liked the show and love Tom Selleck! I have been crazy about him since Magnum PI. Yes, I am old. Donnie looks good, too.