Anyone watching Big Brother in the UK?

  1. Any UK folks out there watching BB? Who do you want to go? I am sooo over Grace! Is anyone actually voting? Do you like normal people or the celebrities better? Who do you want to win?:rant: They sure like to curse this year!:censor: Did Grace shag Mikey?
  2. I wish i could watch the UK version,but we dont get it here. :cry: I watch the American one though, I dont think it has started yet.
  3. Do they get away with as much on US tv? These guys and gals curse and have sex!
  4. I watched the BB UK version when it was the first time ever two people had had sex on the air. The season was really short (or at least it seemed short to me!) because ours starts sometime in June and runs thru about the end of Sept. I love this show, it's so addictive! :smile:
  5. No, my sister said that compared to the US version the British Version is X rated. :shame:
  6. Yeah, I watch it all. and YES Mikey and Grace did indeed have sex under the covers, I don't know what else to call it. I like Pete & Glynn. It is so much better than the American one cause they allow more x-rated stuff and the brits can't talk about aliances and such, so you get the true voting.
  7. If you're interested you can download BB on the internet. That's what my brother and I do.
  8. i watch it! omg i HATE GRACE! shes such a *****!!! although did you see her going in vid and she was shopping with a speedy 30 haha!
  9. Was if a real speedy? The only thing Chelsea about her, is that she resembles Chelsea Clinton! I can't wait to see who goes and the aftermath! What's up with Pete and Nikki??
  10. I'm not sure who I want to go this week - they both annoy me! I really want Pete to win - I love him to bits! I can't make my mind up about Susie either. Lea is a *****, and Richard is really annoying! :biggrin:
  11. Yes, I'm watching it. I want Grace to go this week, and Glyn to win!
  12. Yeah!!! Grace is gone! Lisa should go next!
  13. Yup i watch it, the house is so *****y this year! OMG weren't grace's cowboy boots TDF! I want them so bad!
    She was totally horrible but had a great sense of style! lol!
  14. OMG, if you haven't watched the eviction episode... Grace gives Mikey a****** under the covers! I love this program.
  15. I watch it too! I'm soooo pleased Grace is gone :graucho: How annoying was it when she said those boots were from Belgium? Lucky if you live there but otherwise not so much. Loved how Aisleyne sat watching Grace and Mikey get it on whilst eating her cereal :lol: