Anyone Watch Top Chef???

  1. I so think Harold is going to win. The red head is the meanest...especially with the episode about kids. The judges said if she didn't have immunity that night she would have been gone!
  2. DH and I, being total foodies, are avidly watching this and hoping that Stephen stays on as long as possible--if only because he's such a prat! Poor Leanne for being stuck with the two worst teammates ever.
  3. I can't believe Stephen won the trip to Cannes!
  4. I believe that Dave won the trip to Cannes.
  5. Yeah, Dave did win! I was able to predict that Miguel would be voted off this week. Like the judges said, a top chef is a leader and not a follower.

    I think if Miguel had been up front in the restaurant, there service would have been A LOT better. He is really good with people. Whereas Stephen comes off snobby and may have been better in the kitchen for the challenge.
  6. You are so was Dave! Stephen needs a timer when he talks.
  7. Ok, I missed that episode but can I just say I CAN'T STAND STEPHEN???!!! Yuck! I'm routing for Leanne! ;)
  8. That is a great show - so addicting
  9. I don't care who wins- most likely it will be either Harold, LeAnn or Tiffany.

    Anyone but Stephen! I cannot stand him. Does he remind anyone else sort of kinda of of Johnny Fairplay?
  10. Yeah!!! Come to think of it he sort of does!!! (and I HATE them both)
  11. Well, Stephen is gone! HIP HIP HURRAY. He got on every last nerve of mine, ,but- he was good TV.

    Their website says they are casting for season two. Any aspiring top chefs out there? I would apply if I knew about food. I do watch the food network- and saw a live taping there last week- but I really wish I knew more about cooking
  12. Darn!!! Leanne is gone! I hate Tiffani, I really wanted her to go home instead. I hope Harold wins, he's such a cutie :biggrin:

    Sorry if I spoiled it for some :shame:
  13. i love dave. even though he is over-emotional. he's a good chef and sweet too!
  14. I have a full-blown crush on Harold. I'm begging people I know who work in television to find someone who can set me up with him. I'm totally making his popcorn cake tomorrow. (Recipe on the Bravo site)

    What an upset tonight. I vaguely expected it as the typical reality tv "twist" but I thought maybe this show would be slightly above that. Colicchio's rant on the Bravo site about how he is mad about who ended up in the final three is pretty interesting.
  15. A Harold supporter here..Tiffany seems so mean and Stephen is wayy too confident and didactic