Anyone watch the Desperate Housewives? *spoiler*

  1. OMG! I couldn't believe what Orson did to Mike!!!!!!!:amazed: :amazed: :amazed:
  2. Y? y?
  3. Are you asking what happened?

    I don't wanna say if you aren't?!
  4. i know....what a creepy creepy man :hrmm: and poor susan :cry:
  5. dang! She CANNOT catch a break!
  6. Oh no! What happened what happened?!?!?!!? Can someone give me a synopsis? I won't be able to get it until Wednesday.
  7. ****spoiler*****

    Mike was going to propose, then her ex, Carl and he got into a fist fight.
    So she decided to propose over a romantic dinner.
    Mike never showed up because that wack job dentist, Orson ran him over in the street as he was leaving from buying her flowers to take to dinner.
  8. i would like to know what happened...
  9. WHY?! What's Orson's role in this? Doesn't he have a gf or something? This is so twisted! And what's Tom's secret? Do we find out? And what happens with Bree?
  10. bree just attracts the wack jobs.........
  11. I have to say..This was a GREAT finale!LOL! But man does poor Bree attract the whackos or what???!!!LOL!
  12. Tom wasn't cheating. . . he found out he has an 11 yr old daughter from a one night stand before he and Lynette were married. Now the wacky Mom and daughter are moving into their little town!

    Bree escaped her mental hospital {that she checked herself into last week} and saved her daughter from her boyfriend, who murdered someone earlier on the show!!!
    The Applewhites moved out of town and the boyfrined, who we thought was the 'good son' was killed by the police as he was aiming a gun @ Bree's head.

    Carlos was kicked out for cheating w/ the Asian surrogate.
  13. I couldn't believe the stuff w/ orson. He just came out of left field. I didn't even think he liked Terri, I though he was focused on Bree.
  14. ^ I KNOW!

    I actually had to play the story back in my head because I couldn't figure out WTH!?
    Do you think he's after Mike really? Or Susan?

    I ask because Mike said he recognized him in the dentist office from prison. . . .
  15. Oh MAN! Matthew is a murderer?! Why was he aiming at Bree? Because she "took Danielle away?" I never liked Danielle :yucky:. When do we realize Matthew is a bad guy? Is he the whacko that Bree attracts or is there another weirdo?

    As for Tom...:amazed:. I can see where this is leading...

    Carlos cheated??--with XiaoMei?? This is gonna get messy!

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm dying for information here! :rolleyes: