anyone watch Tell me you love me

  1. I was suprised of it's some what graphic scenes

    in one scene they show a couple having biggie but then i see the mans scrotum. I thought ok that i have never seen on hbo before but at the end of the show they show another couple and the woman is giving the guy a handjob...and they show his penis... :wtf: :roflmfao:

    It's not that i haven't seen a mature movie before but i was suprised i saw that on hbo

    i have seen cathouse and all those sex shows but this is a show made by them like sopranos, rome, entourage etc

    anyone seen it and was a little suprised like me?
  2. I did see it last Sunday and was quite surprised with all the graphic sceens. I really could have done without seeing the older woman give her hubby oral sex. :yucky: Grandparents having sex = not good mental image :nogood:

    Do you think the penis shots were real penis'?

    .........Gosh that sounds odd to say :lol:
  3. i don't know if it was real but even if it wasn't they still implied it... i don't remember the grand parents part b/c i was on tpf too
  4. my husband was watching it, and i asked him to turn it off. not because i am bothered by sex scenes, but these were like watching your parents, neighbors, co-workers having sex.

    if i am going to devote an hour of my life to a show, i want there to be some plot or excitement. even with the graphic sex scenes, i found it boring..and a little disturbing.

    now if someone was going to shoot someone, or if someone was stealing money, or there was another plot beyond their domestic issues and their sex issues...i might watch it.

    but i vote NO on this show, and hope it is soon cancelled. HBO can do better than this dog.
  5. i agree i don't like this show at all
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:HaHaHa However immature this may sound, this comment cracked me up!! I read some reviews about it being a total sexfest. And then my mom asked me if I had seen it and she's like OMG I couldn't believe what I was watching! She didn't go into detail about what they showed though. But oh geez, that's funny. Now I REALLY don't think I'll be watching it. I got grossed out on Big Love when they showed Margene and Bill doing and gave a butt shot of Bill. Funny stuff!

  7. :roflmfao: if watching bill & margene having sex grossed you out wait till you see this show...well if you do watch it :rolleyes:
  8. I watch it. The sex scenes are far more graphic than normal as usually the genitalia are not shown in shots on shows like this...but it definitely is not unusual for other HBO shows. I actually thought it was great to show the older couple having sex and being so affectionate with each other after a long marriage...they were usually under the covers and didnt really show anything but it is a positive because sex is always about young hot people generally and I am always for more diversity and reality in images on TV. If you watch TV/cable/movies you'd think that people become asexual after 40 and that is just not reality. This is why I also love the Dove ad campaign. The fact that this country overcelebrates youth to the extent that seeing an older gray woman as a sexual being has becoming a shocking thing for us to see says a lot. And there is one couple on the show that has fallen into a life routine and are not having sex anymore which certainly balances out the others. I think many people can relate to that. One is mainly trying to procreate. The youngest couple seems to have a relationship that is based more on their sexual chemistry than a more substantive connection and compatiblity and we have all been there before. The show is about relationships and sex is definitely a very real part of a normal healthy one. I really liked the highlighting of the issues the couple is facing in having a child and how sex is becoming more of a chore than an enjoyable thing between the two of them. If you can look beyond the sex I think it covers some very real topics and issues in a frank way that no other show on TV is doing. Not Sex in the City for the young and single 30something but Sex in the Suburbs for the grown and married.
  9. I like the show. I've seen this Sunday's show (with Comcast cable's On Demand you can see the new show early). The older couple are having sex and I remember thinking good for them. I hope when I am older I am happily married. The younger couples on the show are a mess. Yes the sex scenes are graphic but the show is good.