anyone watch smallville?

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  1. still pretty new to bbags but I know that there was one in the beginning of smallville last thursday. it was the film noir (black/white) episode and lois lane was carrying it. She kept dropping it on the gound. i wanted to pick it up, take care of it, and slap lois in the face. but mostly i just want the bag. help.
  2. Didn't see but you made me chuckle there :smile:)
  3. lmao! I'd love to see it- I wonder if it's a prop or a real one...?
  4. I watched that smallville episode over the weekend since i tivo'd it. as soon as i saw the bag i asked my DF what bag she had ...he said B bag. and i thought all the B bag i made him listen to he wasnt paying attention.
  5. haha! my bf is the same way. he can spot a bbag or chanel like the best of us.
  6. I loved the colour, is it seafoam?
    bbag1.jpg bbag2.jpg bbag3.jpg
  7. It's on air now here in Italy!!! I recorded it with my mobile phone (I knew there was a bbag in Noir), and as soon as I can post my small movie, I will!!!
  8. now that i've seen bbags more now... i think Lois's bag is a fake :S

  9. i think it too:yes:
  10. I agree. I thought that when I saw the middle pic above. The last one looks like vert deau.
  11. LOL, my hubby watches Smallville! I wonder if he noticed the Bbag?
  12. Oh so fake.....