anyone watch scripps national spelling bee?

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  1. am i a total nerd?? maybe it's because i used to be in these high-pressure spelling bees, but i'm watching it right now and i'm totally on the edge of my seat! my goodness.
  2. Yeah, I will admit, I watched it. I too am a nerd. I love watching smart kids!!
  3. I just watched it too. The winner gets like 35K. The top 15 also got to visit the White House. It's good to see kids get encouragement for being smart.
  4. I watched completely fascinated. I had flashbacks to 4th grade. I missed the word MOLECULE. I have never spelled it wrong again. My then fourth grade brain spelled it with a "Q."
  5. Yes - I was just watching it - and my Tivo cut off after two hours! So I don't know who won....:sad:
  6. My husband and I caught the last 20 minutes. We had just seen the musical "the 25th Annual putnam county spelling bee" so we were quoting that the whole time.

    the kid who won is from my hometown. (danville, ca)
  7. er, kind of embarassing, but i did watch it. the second runner up lives in my city.
  8. My sister won the National Title many years ago. My family & I went to the White House and met President & Mrs. Reagan. It was a thrill!