Anyone watch Kimora/Djimon - Baby Kenzo's birth?

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  1. OMG! Did anyone watch?
    That baby is PERFECT! It was a short and really sweet little show.

    Um, and Djimon is hawt!
  2. No, but I am hoping to catch it this weekend. Hopefully they will show it again. That baby is just so adorable. Everytime I see a pic of him I just want to kiss him until he is raw and hug him so tight! I feel so sorry for my kids, they are going to be running from me!
  3. Oh and Dijimon's body is the truth! I am sure he keeps Kimora happy...:amuse:
  4. they will! I'm so far up my kid's bums they can't get away from me, LOL!
  5. What channel was it on?
  6. lol! i want to watch
  7. I totally forgot it was coming on! I'll have to catch a rerun.

  8. *~*Me too!! Was it on the Style network??? I hope they rerun it soon...*~*
  9. Is she divorced from Russell yet?
  10. I believe it was finalized a while back.
  11. ^^Yeah I am pretty sure the divorce is done.
  12. I was kind of kidding. I just found it odd that she was openly dating Djimon and pregnant before her divorce was final.
  13. I didn't even know this was showing. Guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for any reruns.
  14. They've been divorced since January '09. And Kimora & Djimon were 'married' in Africa last March, not sure if they made it legal in US yet or not though. They do wear rings on their left ring fingers though.
  15. Djimon seems so amazing, he seems very humbled and quiet.