Anyone watch Girls Next Door on E!? Are Holly's LVs real? (ro)

  1. Also, one of the girlfriends carry a Chanel Cambon tote, but I can't tell if that one is real or not either.
  2. i see so many fake cambons IRL its unbelievable.. idk if theirs are real...
  3. They should be compensated with real bags for letting that feeble pervert (I don't care who he is, he's still a dirty old man) slobber all over them. :throwup:
  4. I am pretty sure her Damier Pap is real, but I think the chanel question might be best asked in the Chanel forum. :yes:
  5. I think her LVs look real to me.
  6. Do you think he does the "deed" with all three of them at the same time? It is a bit icky to think that the oldest is only 32 I think - with the other ones being 21 and 26,while he is 80 if I remember correctly.

    I wonder if he was 80 with a pension from 60 yrs working at Ford Motors, lived in the Valley and had a wife would they be trying to shack up with him?

    But they do get Jags, LV and free trips simply for letting him boink them -- more than what some Hollywood hopefuls get

  7. Didn't an ex-playboy bunny write about her life living with Hef? I seem to remember reading an excerpt about how Hef had a "ritual" that included all of the bunnies living in the mansion. All I can say is that NO amount of money, or LV for that matter, would convince me to let that DOM breathe his denture breath on me.:yucky:
  8. I would think that will the money they have access to that the bags are real. I don't see why they would be carrying fakes. I know in some TV shows they carry fake bags but this is more a reality show with Hef who is quite weathly.

  9. I bet he does. He's nasty and so are his "girlfriends." They need self respect. :rolleyes:
  10. Yes, I read somewhere that they do have sex with Hef and sometimes they all have sex together :p
  11. :yucky: :sick: :sick: :yucky:

    Grandfather Fossil sex....I'm grossed out!
  12. From watching the show, I think Holly really does love Hef. However, Kendra is so TRASHY and is clearly using Hef for his money. I guess the guy's just enjoying his few remaining days, can't blame him
  13. I feel sorry for all three of'd have to be lost, in a way, to live that kind of lifestyle...
  14. So Holly would stick with Hef, even if he lost all of his money and was shuffling around a trailer home in his pyjamas? Psshh, yeah, she's in love with him...
  15. real to me