Anyone was met with great resistance from loved ones when deciding to buy an LV item?

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  1. Hi, I'm a pretty new member. I love this forum! I recently became a great admirer of LV. I'm posing this question because I'm curious if there are others who might have the same experience that I did. I just bought my first LV bag on Saturday (Mono Speedy 25). My bf and I almost broke up over this bag. I wanted to get this for quite a while now. I have a zippy coin purse and a few scarves but this was my first bag. Anyway, he and I had a fight over it eventhough I bought with my own money. He said he can't understand why I can spend so much money on a bag and especially in the bad economy. It was a birthday present to myself (maybe this was just an excuse). I was so excited to get it but now I'm associating this bag with the fighting. :sad: Did anyone else ever wanted to get an LV item and a loved one made you feel badly about getting it? And did you get it anyway?
  2. No. I always buy my bags w/ those who appreciate the same things I do whether my brother, mom, best buddy, or tpfer buddy.
  3. I had a fight with my x-bf one time over a bottle of nail polish!!....I ended up marrying someone who understands my nature to buy certain things.....I buy the LV I own...and he buys car parts or other things he likes and we are both pretty happy for each others purchases....its kinda odd but we dont really get each other things we just buy for ourselves what we
  4. i have had issues with my housemates
    it is sad that ppl hate what they dont understand
  5. Hello Verita. Yes me and my bf fight over how I work so hard as a student and spend my money on LV. Even tho it's my money, he still can understand why I fuss over it. Coz 'its just a bag'. But I just try to control myself, only buying a bag every now and then... My family thinks I'm a little crazy.. But its my money and I am young with no responsibilities atm. I think the decision is yours, just try to let him know you care about him more and buy within reason.. =)
  6. I don't think you did anything wrong I mean, he can't complain its not like you asked him to buy it for you... life is too short, do what makes you happy. I'm pretty sure he has things he likes to buy so he can't complain.. women have more needs! lol
  7. I don't think you are wrong, if you love something, buy it. Don't have regrets later. I know sometimes loved ones really don't get WHY you can spend so much on a 'damn bag', but sometimes, it is just a reward for ourselves. In the bad economy, ain't we suppose to help each other by spending? That is what I live with, if I don't buy, they make less money, then they stop buying from others (like me, because I work in retail) then we might lose our jobs, and then etc etc,

    OK, I know that is probably my excuse, but it is your money and you should be able to spend it in the way you like it, I am sure your bf has something he loves and would spend money on it. I don't get men at times, I had a male friend tell me off because I bought a $1000 bag, he said he will NEVER want a gf who wants to spend so much money on luxury products, but he thinks it is perfectly OK for a guy to spend that much on a computer monitor for his gaming addiction.

    I hope things turn out ok =)
    But I hope you find someone who appreciates you, and what you love.
  8. i've been known to sulk for days before hubby finally gives in. eventually, i did not get the bag but decided to save up for his birthday present instead.

    and yes, i am playfully gg to rub it in that i sacrificed purchasing an LV bag... just for him ! hehe ! :P
  9. My husband actually is a very cheap man, but whatever I would like to buy and I pay for it, then I am fine. Even I just bought a chanel bag for almost 3k. hehe~~~ asap he saw, his face turned into white, haha,but he never complainted.
  10. When I was still living with my parents my dad would give me a hard time about my LVs, even though I did pay them rent for living there and I worked full time and was spending my own money. He still gives me a hard time about it, but I stopped caring about this a long time ago, I'm spending my own money, I'm not expecting anyone else to pay for my stuff, and what I do with the money I make is nobody's business but mine.
  11. My husband doesn't mind me wanting nice things. He would have a problem if I bought something and we couldn't afford it right now. I do plan ahead for purchases and save up if necessary.
    He loves his PS3 and buys lots of games for that. We each have something that interests us, it just so happens that his is more affordable than mine!
  12. my BF can't understand how i can spend over $1k on a single bag. BUT, i pay for them with my own money so he can't complain. my parents kind of don't get it either (thought they have their own hobbies, my dad's is more expensive than mine), but as long as i don't go into debt and borrow money from them, they couldn't care less.
  13. My aunt and uncles can't understand why I buy LV bags. They say I just want to show off to people. But I have learn to ignore them and just use the LV bags as they make me happy. Its your money, use it whatever way u want.
  14. my hubby does not have a problem with that, not that we are rich or anything, but i dont buy them very often, only for the ones i truly want and can afford, i am glad that he is so understanding about this, he always say that everyone has their vices and so long it doesnt hurt anyone and not putting us in debt, then there is no harm done. He loves his motorbikes and always spend money on them, so when i buy my occasional bags and shoes, he doesnt really bat an eyelid. Hard earn money is to be enjoy, especially when its your money.

    On the other hand though, mom used to give dad a very hard time about buying things (dad is a bit of a spender and mom is a real saver) and when i grew up mom did that to me for a while, i moved out of home very young so she shifted her attention to my brothers, they still live at home and one of them love legos (hes 26) and mom always give him a hard time when he buys them, he resorted to storing his legos at work. I feel sorry for him because thats really the only one interest he has...

    maybe have a chat with your bf about it, sometimes men just dont understand the whole concept of shoes and handbags like us dont understand their game consoles and cars etc. its not worth to fight over but at the same time you should be allow to spend your money as you wish.
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    aww hon he'll come around eventually, my dh used to get pretty steamed up when I first started buying LVs, even just surfing tPF would get me glaring looks, lol. Three years later, he's learned to compromise, he knows LV is my obsession and it isn't going away any time soon.. ;)

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to you, and Congrats on your new LV :smile: