Anyone wants to see what a bi-material Lindy look like? (Pic)

  1. MrsS sneaked this picture when SAs were not looking! :graucho:

    If I don't already have my Lindy, I would have bought this in a heartbeat!

  2. Ohhhh, this is stunning! I've been lusting over a Lindy.

    Thanks for the great pics!
  3. Pic was taken at Liat Towers, Singapore. Someone go grab it before "POOF" and it disappears!
  4. wow, that is sooo pretty :drool::drool:
  5. It is very beautiful. Perfect for summer.
  6. Nice Lindy, i saw it in salzburg
  7. Really nice ..:tup:
  8. There is one in Vancouver as well, but in Etoupe Swift, size 30. Someone should grab that beauty as well...
  9. VERY VERY yummie, thanks for taking the picture.
  10. O:huh:Oooooo:huh:Ooo...that's making me want a Lindy EVEN MORE!! Thanks for the pic!
  11. oh my - made my heart skip a beat!
  12. me too! i think a lindy might become my first H bag.
  13. That's so summer! Thanks for the picture, MrsS.
  14. mrss - is that toile? looks like wool. and swift? very pretty!
  15. The bi-material Lindy is surprisingly gorgeous IRL. I saw one very recently displayed outside a store & my heart fluttered!!! :heart: I thought it was Barenia Natural/Toile H! :nuts: Turned out that it was Gold Clemence/Toile H...Or maybe it was Gold Swift???