Anyone wants Pink Classic Flap

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  1. I just got the lighter pink caviar today with overnight shipping, but it's silverware...i'd requested goldware.

    Anyone has idea for a pink goldware classic please??
  2. I think the one with gold hardware was a limited edition? You might want to ask fr2nc1z since she has one (or you can read her thread here). Hope that helps!
  3. What size is it?
  4. can you please post a pic...thank you :smile:
  5. Yes pic would be great:yes:
  6. i have classes until 6 tonight, will post after dinner time :smile:
  7. there's NO selling here.
    You can give info as to where someone may buy it when you return it, but please don't risk getting banned from here for buying/selling guys!
  8. oh sorry swanky !!!! i am still too new!! i wasn't trying to sell since i m planning to take it back in 2 weeks. please kindly remove this thread as i love to be a pfer and dont wanna get banned . thanks!!
  9. Pink is fabulous pics pinkpiano before you return it, please. I'd love to see it!~!
  10. Pink has a huge fan club!
  11. i just bought one from
  12. What store did you get it from?
  13. got it from NM. i remember christine from Pf said there were some in SF too, but not the bright pink ones
  14. That is awesome! But I only get gold hardware,too.
  15. yea so anyone knows where i can find a gold hardware?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.