Anyone wants a Blue Jean JPG Shoulder Birkin?

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum...

    Recently, I've place an order at my H store for a RAISIN JPG Shoulder Birkin... but yesterday, my SA called me & said they have a Blue Jean JPG Shoulder Birkin available now...

    I've ask my SA how long does it take to order the RAISIN JPG Shoulder Birkin & she said pretty rare coz she doesn't have anymore quota to order in this colour & style, and she has never order a JPG shoulder birkin yet, so it could take a fairly long time (as raisin is not a popular colour :crybaby:)

    Should I get the Blue Jean JPG Shoulder Birkin??? Or wait for the RAISIN JPG Shoulder Birkin? If I do buy the blue jean shoulder birkin now... should I still wait for the raisin one to come or should I start thinking for a birkin 35?

    STRESSING... :sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. wait for what you love. it's too much $$$ to settle! it'll worth the wait! :heart:
  3. Wait for what you love, don't settle! Besides get the JPG you want, then you can enjoy planning for your Birkin 35!!!
  4. Raisin in JPG is SO GORGEOUS!!!:love: I'd say wait! Don't settle!
  5. raisin is gorgeous, don't settle for anything else!
  6. Don't settle for anything else. Raisin is so beautiful.
  7. Too Much Money To Settle...Raisin Is Gorgeous!!!:love:
  8. Well, you've heard a consistent message here! No doubt about that! (And I totally agree, unless you have changed your mind. Go with your heart!)
  9. If your heart is set on raisin, wait for it, otherwise you'll regret it if you settle for a color you don't want.
  10. Wait for what you want. Raisin is my favorite color! Pass on this, cuz you will only want the Raisin when it comes. =)
  11. Thank you everyone~ :winkiss:

    But my SA said shoulder birkin in raisin is a quite rare colour... has anyone seen this colour on a shoulder birkin? coz my SA said she will TRY to place an order for me, but she can't guarantee whether this is available in raisin or not. And I am afraid the shoulder birkin might get discontinued in the next year or so, that's why I am very tempted to get the one in blue jean. :sweatdrop:
  12. I've said it before, but I've learned only to compromise when it isn't a compromise . . .it sounds like the BJ is a compromise and, in my experience, they just don't last.
  13. I have a different POV (point of view). The shoulder Birkin is not a regular collection like the Birkin or the Kelly. It is not discontinued but the craftsmen are spending time working on newer projects e.g. Lindy, Medor clutch, Kelly Fold. If you pass on this one, you might wait for another year or even two or longer, who knows.

    I vote get the Blue Jean now and when you've finally landed your Raisin, you can always pass on the Blue Jean to your family members or your friends for a small loss. Blue Jean is another signature color from Hermes.

    Normally, when a member asks if they should settle for a color they don't care for in a Birkin, my response would be to wait, same answer for all who asks if they should buy a HAC instead of a Birkin when the store calls to ask if they would consider HAC i/o Birkin, same answer as well for all who asks if they should just buy ANY bag until they have found a Birkin they want. My response would be 'WAIT'.

    SO, the only thing tht is stopping this purchase is the color. I say 'Go for it!'. On 1 of my most recent tag-along trips with my DH, I asked if they had any I can try and the SM said that none was ordered this year as they have a long wait list for regular Birkins and they are trying to fill those orders. That said, every single store has different ordering perferences.

    ETA: Tell her you still want the Raisin, no harm having 2 bags in the same style you can swing! You might find that you really enjoy this color.
  14. Tough choice. I have a JPG in green. At first I wasn't crazy about it, but, I've changed my mind. I love the blue color. I think if it was me, I'd buy the blue, and remain on the list for the raisin. Just my opinion.