Anyone wanting a DUSTY MAM???

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  1. cause one is going back to LB tomorrow. For some reason they have sent me TWO of these pretty babies!!!! I got one last week and last night another arrived on my doorstep. It seems to be raining bags as well as actual rain here! If you want her, I'd call LB and have them call you when it gets there. I did check the bag out first and it looks in great condition. Price was $440. 00 with the discount.:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. i wonder if that was mine but was sent to the wrong address...j/k
    I can't wait to get mine.
  3. I can't picture this one - can you provide a pic? Does it have the new hardware, or the tassels?
  4. How wierd. Did they charge you twice?
  5. I don't think so cause the bill has my name on it.
  6. I'm trying to find out if I've been billed twice, can't remember what card I used. There are pics posted of this bag, do a search.
  7. Well, OK, thanks.

    Are you in Oklahoma? That's my home state - yeehaw from a former Okie, now living in the Frigid North!
  8. Yep, OKC. Can't stand the weather here though, I'll never get used to the torneados, give me earthquakes any day! I posted pics of the dusty on the sticky thread up above.
  9. Two!? Strange.. I wonder how they managed to do that!?